My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29-30, 2013: June 2013 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
June 3: Summer Blockbusters: Star Wars: A series on AmericanStudying summer blockbusters starts with a cross-cultural force.
June 4: Summer Blockbusters: Jaws: The series continues with the layers of American communities at the heart of one of the first summer blockbusters.
June 5: Summer Blockbusters: ID4: The blockbuster that embodies the worst, and perhaps also the best, of America, as the series rolls on.
June 6: Summer Blockbusters: Pearl Harbor: The uses and abuses of history in Michael Bay’s most serious blockbuster.
June 7: Summer Blockbusters: The Patriot: The series concludes with a look at the monstrous flaw in Mel Gibson’s patriotic blockbuster.
June 8-9: A Crowd-sourced Blockbuster: The responses and nominations of fellow AmericanStudiers—add yours, please!
June 10: AmericanStudier Blogroll: Teaching Blogs: A series of blog recommendations begins with three great pedagogical blogs.
June 11: AmericanStudier Blogroll: Lit and Culture Blogs: The series continues with three great blogs that examine American literature and popular culture.
June 12: AmericanStudier Blogroll: History Blogs: Three great blogs dedicated to the layers and complexities of American history, as the series rolls on.
June 13: AmericanStudier Blogroll: American Identity Blogs: Three great blogs that analyze individual, collective, and national identity in America.
June 14: AmericanStudier Blogroll: Blogger, Examine Thyself: The series concludes with a few thoughts on my own blog and blogging at the 2.5 year mark.
June 15-16: Crowd-sourced Blogroll: Blog recommendations from fellow AmericanStudiers—add your favorites (or your own blog), please!
June 17: American Swims: Gatsby’s Pool: A summertime series begins with an ambiguous symbol from one of our great literary works.
June 18: American Swims: Weissmuller and Phelps: The series continues with the distinct and telling arcs of two famous American swimmers.
June 19: American Swims: Edna and the Ocean: How we read two complex swimming scenes and what that reveals about us, as the series paddles on.
June 20: American Swims: Race at the Pool: One of the most common and insidious sites of American segregation and discrimination.
June 21: American Swims: Cheever’s Swimmer: The series concludes with a pitch-perfect summertime story from one of our literary greats.
June 22-23: Crowd-sourced Summer: Responses, American swims, and other summertime thoughts from fellow AmericanStudiers—share some of your own!
June 24: Book Release Reflections, Part One: A series in honor of my newly released third book begins with a post on a crucial challenge of public scholarship.
June 25: Book Release Reflections, Part Two: The series continues with three spaces where my book’s ideas incubated.
June 26: Book Release Reflections, Part Three: The things I knew would be in my book and the things I discovered along the way, as the series rolls on.
June 27: Book Release Reflections, Part Four: On a new way I’m trying to get my book, ideas, and voice into our conversations.
June 28: Book Release Reflections, Part Five: The series concludes with three life lessons I learned along the way.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see addressed in this space? Ideas for guest posts?

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