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My New Book!
My New Book!

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013: AmericanStudier Blogroll: Teaching Blogs

[For this week’s series, I’ll be highlighting a handful of the many fellow bloggers/blogs on my reading list, divided up by categories (although all these blogs go beyond any one category). Please share some of your favorite blogs for a crowd-sourced blogroll-tastic weekend post!]
Three blogs from which I learn a lot about the classroom and its many contexts.
1)      Deep Down in the Classroom: My grad school friend Jessica Restaino and her colleagues in the Montclair State University First Year Writing Program started this blog a few months ago, and I look forward to its evolving conversations about writing instruction, pedagogy, and a lot more.
2)      Katherine Rye Jewell: Kate, a Fitchburg State University colleague with whom I’ve had the chance to team-teach our introductory AmericanStudies course, writes about many different topics on her scholarly blog—but she frequently features her innovative and inspiring thoughts on 21st century teaching.
3)      Mass Medieval: This blog is run by two medievalists, including another FSU colleague of mine, Kisha Tracy. It too touches on many different topics, but one of the main threads has been questions of how to bring this kind of distant and complex content into the classroom and to our students.
We teachers are always learning, and blogs like these have been instrumental in my continued development. Next blogroll highlights tomorrow,
PS. What teaching blogs do you read? Other blogs you’d highlight for the weekend post?

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