My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013: AmericanStudier Blogroll: Lit and Culture Blogs

[For this week’s series, I’ll be highlighting a handful of the many fellow bloggers/blogs on my reading list, divided up by categories (although all these blogs go beyond any one category). Please share some of your favorite blogs for a crowd-sourced blogroll-tastic weekend post!]
Three blogs that keep me reading and thinking about American literature and culture.
1)      The American Literary Blog: Rob Vellela has guest-posted on my blog, and I’ve had the chance to do the same on his—but even without such a connection, I’d make sure to visit Rob’s blog every day, for the (often under-remembered, and always interesting) American literary moments and figures he highlights.
2)      Humor in America: Managing Editor Tracy Wuster and his many contributors (including, once, this AmericanStudier) have created a truly interdisciplinary AmericanStudies blog, one that in a given week might move between sitcoms, Southwestern humorists, and survey courses.
3)      The Ardent Audience: Daniel Cavicchi maintains this equally interdisciplinary and always fascinating blog, one that connects the complex topic of audience to every kind of text and media within American (and world) culture.
So much culture to consider, so little time—but blogs like these help me navigate that topic for sure. Next blogroll highlights tomorrow,
PS. What literary or cultural studies blogs do you read? Other blogs you’d highlight for the weekend post?

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