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My New Book!
My New Book!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013: AmericanStudier Blogroll: American Identity Blogs

[For this week’s series, I’ll be highlighting a handful of the many fellow bloggers/blogs on my reading list, divided up by categories (although all these blogs go beyond any one category). Please share some of your favorite blogs for a crowd-sourced blogroll-tastic weekend post!]
Three blogs that plumb the depths of that huge, complex, and vital topic: American identity.
1)      Mixed Race America: Scholar Jennifer Ho maintains this blog, which consistently provides some of the most incisive and interesting engagements with racial and ethnic mixtures, combinations, encounters, representations, and definitions in American life and society.
2)      Race Files: Where Mixed Race America comes out of a scholarly perspective, Soya Jung and Scot Nakagawa’s Race Files has political and social activism at its core. But more and more, I see public scholarship as a combination of both those conversations, and Race Files is one of my go-to sites for such contemporary dialogues about race, racism, and identity.
3)      Native Appropriations: Adrienne K’s website on representations and images of Native American identities has recently moved and is still settling into its new home—but for more than three years now it has offered some of the most incisive and important analyses of these American issues and identities.
For those of us wading into the murky and roiling waters of American identity, blogs like these help make sure we don’t get swept away. Thoughts on my own blog tomorrow,
PS. What blogs on race, ethnicity, culture, or identity do you read? Other blogs you’d highlight for the weekend post?

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