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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

April 1-2, 2023: March 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

March 6: American Cars: Oldsmobile, Ford, and Dodge: As my younger son gets ready to become a teenage driver, a CarStudying series starts with the practical and mythical details to the origins of American automobiles.

March 7: American Cars: Crime Cars: The series continues with AmericanStudies contexts for three infamous crime cars.

March 8: American Cars: Rebel Without a Cause: A few reasons why the film’s famous “chicken run” scene is so significant, as the series races on.

March 9: American Cars: Smart Cars: From KITT to Christine to Herbie the Love Bug, lessons from three cars with minds of their own.

March 10: American Cars: The Fast and the Furious: The series concludes with two ways to contextualize the hugely successful car racing franchise.

March 13: Wild West Stories: Gunfighter Nation: For Wyatt’s Earp’s 175th birthday, a Wild West series kicks off with a groundbreaking AmericanStudies book on violence.  

March 14: Wild West Stories: Billy the Kid: The series continues with two telling layers to the famous young outlaw’s mythos, and the context they both mostly miss.

March 15: Wild West Stories: Walt Longmire: A great contemporary character who straddles the line between classic and revised clich├ęs, as the series draws on. 

March 16: Wild West Stories: Annie Oakley: Three figures who each and together help us see the human realities behind the mythic sharpshooter.  

March 17: Wild West Stories: True Grit The series concludes with how a classic Wild West novel both uses and challenges elements of the mythos.

March 18-19: Wild West Stories: Wyatt Earp: For Earp’s birthday, on myths, realities, and how to split the difference.

March 20: Bruce on the Blog: Executioner Songs: For the amazing occasion of finally seeing Springsteen with my sons, I wanted to share a handful of the many times I’ve BruceStudied, starting with Bruce and Norman Mailer.

March 21: Bruce on the Blog: “State Trooper”: The series continues with two very different ways to AmericanStudy one of Bruce’s most ambiguous songs.

March 22: Bruce on the Blog: Wrecking Ball and High Hopes: Two entirely different and equally inspiring recent albums from an evolving artist, as the series rocks on.

March 23: Bruce on the Blog: “American Skin (41 Shots)”: Two more reasons why I have come to love my all-time favorite song.

March 24: Bruce on the Blog: Born in the U.S.A.: The series concludes with two ways to argue for the patriotic possibilities of an easily misunderstood song and album.

March 25-26: Bruce in 2023: A special weekend reflection on that amazing 2023 concert and how it both reflects on the past and helps us fight for the future.

March 27: 19th Century Humor: Irving’s Knickerbocker: My annual April Fool’s series focused this year on 19th century humorists, starting with Irving’s ahead of its time creation.

March 28: 19th Century Humor: Fanny Fern: The series continues with the very serious side to one of our most talented humorists.

March 29: 19th Century Humor: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman: A writer and story that are funny, wise, and anything but narrow, as the series laughs on.

March 30: 19th Century Humor: Melville’s Chimney: The deeply strange story that proves that allegory can be funny.

March 31: 19th Century Humor: Ah Sin: The series concludes with the fine line between satire and stereotypes.

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