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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, April 29, 2023

April 29-30, 2023: April 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

April 3: NeMLA Reflections: My Panel on Niagara Falls: A series reflecting on great papers from this year’s Northeast MLA conference kicks off with the panel I chaired on Niagara Falls in US pop culture.

April 4: NeMLA Reflections: Toshiaki Komura on the Poetry of Internment: The series continues with a great paper on three generations of Japanese internment poetry.

April 5: NeMLA Reflections: Jennie Snow on Eric Nguyen and Homelands: My new FSU colleague Jennie Snow’s great paper on Nguyen’s novel and “homeland security,” as the series reflects on.

April 6: NeMLA Reflections: Robin Field on Postpartum Depression: My friend and Guest Poster Robin Field’s great paper on Helen Dunmore and the literature of pregnancy.

April 7: NeMLA Reflections: Elise Takehana on Making Meaning of Maps: The series concludes with my colleague Elise Takehana’s great paper on experimental writing.

April 8-9: The Limits and Potential of Scholarly Organizations: A special weekend post on NeMLA, the AHA, & what scholarly organizations can’t and can do.

April 10: Remembering Reconstruction: The Freedmen’s Bureau: A series inspired by the 150th anniversary of the Colfax Massacre kicks off with why the Bureau failed, and two inspiring legacies nonetheless.

April 11: Remembering Reconstruction: African American Legislators: The series continues with three of the more than 1500 African Americans who held office during Reconstruction.

April 12: Remembering Reconstruction: Andrew Johnson: Three telling stages in the life and career of one of our worst presidents, as the series remembers on.

April 13: Remembering Reconstruction: Massacres: As we seek to better remember the Colfax Massacre, that and a couple others of Reconstruction’s far too frequent moments of mass violence.

April 14: Remembering Reconstruction: Du Bois’ Vital Revisionism: The series concludes with a book that revised Reconstruction historiography, redefined an entire profession, and then went even further.

April 15-16: Remembering Reconstruction: Kidada Williams’ I Saw Death Coming: And speaking of great books, a special weekend post on a vital new book about the period.               

April 17: Soap Opera Studying: 1930s Origins: For Aaron Spelling’s centennial, a SoapOperaStudying series kicks off with five women who helped launch 1930s radio soaps.

April 18: Soap Opera Studying: The First TV Soaps: The series continues with AmericanStudies takeaways from the first three televised soap operas.

April 19: Soap Opera Studying: Telenovelas: Two ways a classic short story helps us understand a soap opera sub-genre, as the series bubbles on.

April 20: Soap Opera Studying: Parodies: What a few pitch-perfect TV and film soap opera parodies can add to the week’s conversation.

April 21: Soap Opera Studying: Aaron Spelling: The series concludes with a tribute to how the birthday boy helped primetime soaps walk a very fine line.

April 22-23: Crowd-sourced Soap Opera Studying: One of my latest crowd-sourced posts, featuring the responses and thoughts of fellow SoapOperaStudiers—add yours in comments!

April 24: Recent Scholarly Books: Amy Paeth on Poets Laureate: Inspired by the Williams weekend post, a series on other great recent scholarly books kicks off with a NeMLA Book Award winner.

April 25: Recent Scholarly Books: David Waldstreicher on Phillis Wheatley: The series continues with a great new bio on an iconic poet about which there’s plenty more to learn.

April 26: Recent Scholarly Books: Natasha Warikoo on Education: The two (2!) 2022 publications from my SSN Boston Chapter co-leader, as the series reads on.

April 27: Recent Scholarly Books: Three More from Me: My highlights conclude with three of the many great books I’ve been sent to review.

April 28: Crowd-sourced Recent Scholarship: And the series concludes with another crowd-sourced post, featuring more scholarly book highlights from me and others!

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