My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, December 3, 2022

December 3-4, 2022: November 2022 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

October 29-30: Tiffany Wayne’s Guest Post on the Jewel City: Suffrage at the San Francisco-Panama Pacific International Exposition: The month kicked off with another great Guest Post!

October 31: Symbolic Scares: The Wendigo: For my annual Halloween series I focused on the symbolism behind scary stories, starting with a cross-cultural supernatural legend.

November 1: Symbolic Scares: Sleepy Hollow: The series continues with an original American scary story that’s also an American origin story.

November 2: Symbolic Scares: Last House on the Left: A horror film that’s more disturbing in what it makes us cheer for than how it makes us scream, as the series scares on.

November 3: Symbolic Scares: The Lost Boys: A textbook definition of mindless pop entertainment, and what it can still symbolize.

November 4: Symbolic Scares: The Shinings: The series concludes with what we can make of the two opposed endings to the novel and film versions of the same scary story.

November 5-6: Anya Jabour’s Guest Post on Legionnaire’s Disease: My second great Guest Post of the week!

November 7: 12 Years of AmericanStudying: Guest Posts I: For AmericanStudier’s 12th anniversary…

November 8: 12 Years of AmericanStudying: Guest Posts II: I decided to focus on a favorite aspect…

November 9: 12 Years of AmericanStudying: Guest Posts III: Of the blog from across these dozen years, …

November 10: 12 Years of AmericanStudying: Guest Posts IV: The awesome Guest Posts I’ve been able to share!

November 11: 12 Years of AmericanStudying: Guest Posts V: So across these five posts, here were the 26 most recent Guest Posts!

November 12-13: 12 Years of AmericanStudying: My Reflections: Leading up to this special weekend post featuring my own reflections on the first 12 years!

November 14: Public Art: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial: On the DC memorial’s 40th anniversary, a public art studying series kicks off with two levels to why that memorial is so important.

November 15: Public Art: The Shaw Memorial: The series continues with a historically, culturally, and symbolically crucial monument.

November 16: Public Art: Two Midwestern Statues: The inspiring messages and missing histories of two linked statues, as the series sculpts on.

November 17: Public Art: The Harriet Wilson Statue: How a wonderful recent statue corrects a wrong and makes the case for right (and writing).

November 18: Public Art: Murals: The series concludes with a couple links to collections of awesome public murals!

November 19-20: Lily Hart’s Guest Post on Voices of the River: My third great Guest Post of the month, which ties a record I hope to keep tying!

November 21: Thanks-givings: Bruce’s Soul: A Thanksgiving series kicks off with a new album we should all be thank-full for.

November 22: Thanks-givings: Purple Carrot: The series continues with the vegan food service that has meant a ton to me and my family.

November 23: Thanks-givings: Andor and Willow: Two Disney+ shows that make me nostalgically thank-full, as the series thanks on.

November 24: Thanks-givings: Fantasy Football: The unique reason I’m very thank-full for fantasy football!

November 25: Thanks-givings: Young Voters: The series concludes with the American community for whom all lovers of democracy should be eternally thank-full.

November 28: Video Game Studying: Grand Theft Auto: A series inspired by Pong’s 40th anniversary kicks off with three aspects of video games we can learn from the GTA series.

November 29: Video Game Studying: Pong: The series continues with two lesser-known and telling moments in Pong’s history on its 40th birthday.

November 30: Video Game Studying: Pac-Man: Three ways the arcade smash changed the game, as the series plays on.

December 1: Video Game Studying: Doom: Two striking and controversial collaborative sides to the first-person shooter.

December 2: Video Game Studying: App Games: The series concludes with a couple takeaways from a decade or so of app gaming.

Next series starts Monday,


PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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