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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, December 31, 2022

December 31, 2022-January 1, 2023: December 2022 Recap

 [A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

December 5: Constitutional Contexts: The Articles of Confederation: A series for the 235th anniversary of Delaware’s ratification kicks off with what was and wasn’t different in the new nation’s first unifying documents.

December 6: Constitutional Contexts: Anti-Federalists: The series continues with three equally significant ways to frame the Constitution’s opposition.

December 7: Constitutional Contexts: Delaware: On that historic anniversary, three relevant contexts for “The First State.”

December 8: Constitutional Contexts: The Bill of Rights: The history, significance, and limitations of the Constitution’s first evolution, as the series drafts on.

December 9: Constitutional Contexts: The 1790 Naturalization Act: The series concludes with why a more frustrating Framing document has to be remembered alongside the Constitution.

December 10-11: Constitutional Contexts: 2022: A special weekend post on one more frustrating and one more hopeful trend when it comes to the Constitution in 2022.

December 12: Fall Semester Moments: Du Bois and Public Education: My annual semester recaps series kicks off with an inspiring student response from my 19C African American Lit course.

December 13: Fall Semester Moments: J. Cole and Me: The series continues with how lifelong learning also happens at the front of the classroom.

December 14: Fall Semester Moments: Crane, Activism, and the American Dream: Truly, inspiringly multi-layered and multi-vocal class discussions, as the series teaches on.

December 15: Fall Semester Moments: Hughes and the Blues: A student paper from my online class that quite simply blues me away.

December 16: Fall Semester Moments: Adult Ed Challenges: The series concludes with two important kinds of challenging questions from adult ed students that will help push my ideas forward.

December 17-18: Signs of Spring (Semester): A special weekend post on a few Spring 2023 courses to which I’m greatly looking forward.

December 19-25: A Defining Wish: Just one multi-part wish for the AmericanStudies Elves this year, on two things I hope to help us do, and one defining reason why.

December 26: 2022 in Review: Top Gun and Sequels: My annual year-end series kicks off with one problem and one possibility with our cultural moment of ubiquitous sequels.

December 27: 2022 in Review: “Woke” Marvel: The series continues with why complaints about Marvel’s new phase are silly, and why they’re more destructive than that.

December 28: 2022 in Review: Hot Girl Music: On the birthday of one of the most badass women I know, the less and more radical layers to a renaissance in badass women artists.

December 29: 2022 in Review: Baseball and Race: One inspiring and one frustrating side of baseball’s diversity in 2022, as the series reflects on.

December 30: 2022 in Review: The Big Lie: The series and the year conclude with what’s not new about the latest attacks on our elections, and what dangerously is.

New Year’s series starts Monday,


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