My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Monday, November 7, 2022

November 7, 2022: 12 Years of AmericanStudying: Guest Posts I

[AmericanStudier turns 12 this week! There have been a lot of things that have kept me blogging for the last dozen years, but at the top of the list are all the ways it has connected me to others. That especially means the wonderful Guest Posts I’ve been able to share, more and more in recent years, so this week I’ll share the 25 most recent such Guest Posts (you can find more at this Guest Posts tab). I’d love to hear your ideas for the next 25, in comments or by email!]

1)      Tiffany Wayne’s Guest Post on The Jewel City: Suffrageat the 1915 San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition

2)      Aidan Railton’s Guest Post on Strava

3)      Anita Siraki’s Guest Post on Interview with the Vampire

4)      Kelly Marino’s Guest Post on The “American Queen”: “Sweetheart” Bracelets, Jewelry Trends, and the World Wars

5)      Michael Walters’ Guest Post on Chaos, Order and Progress, in the First North American Nation

Next 5 Guest Posts tomorrow,


PS. Ideas for Guest Posts of your own? You know what to do!

PPS. Since I scheduled this post I was able to share another great Guest Post this past weekend! Here's Anya Jabour's Guest Post on Legionnaire's Disease.

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