My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1-2, 2014: October 2014 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
September 29: American Collectors: Isabella Stewart Gardner: A series on famous collections begins with the life and legacy inside my favorite museum.
September 30: American Collectors: P.T. Barnum: The series continues with two sides to the famous showman, and how to reconcile them.
October 1: American Collectors: George Catlin: What the artist and collector got right, what he got wrong, and what we owe him in any case, as the series continues.
October 2: American Collectors: The Smithsonian: Three exemplary moments in the history of our national collection.
October 3: American Collectors: Phil Collins!: The series concludes with a wacky recent moment and collection, and what it can help us analyze.
October 4-5: Crowd-sourced American Collections: But wait, a crowd-sourced post on collectors and collections rounds off the series—add your thoughts in comments!
October 6: AmericanStudying Appalachia: Wrong Turn and Deliverance: A series on cultural images of Appalachia starts with films about cultural clashes, and how to complicate them.
October 7: AmericanStudying Appalachia: Miner Texts: The series continues with three different types of representations of mining lives and communities.
October 8: AmericanStudying Appalachia: Murfree’s Mountains: Multiple compelling reasons to read one of Appalachia’s most talented writers, as the series rolls on.
October 9: AmericanStudying Appalachia: The Black Mountain Poets: How cultural and historical contexts can add to our understanding of individual authors and works.
October 10: AmericanStudying Appalachia: The Fire and the Furnace: The series concludes with the interesting messages behind a couple macho action flicks.
October 11-12: AmericanStudying Appalachia: Online Resources: For those interested in further AppalachianStudying, a few great websites and resources.
October 13: New NEASA Books: Beyond the White Negro: A series highlighting recent books by NEASA colleagues starts with an exemplary work of public scholarship.
October 14: New NEASA Books: Inventing the Egghead: The series continues with a book that reveals the crucial stakes of inter-scholarly debates.
October 15: New NEASA Books: Clover Adams: A Gilded and Heartbreaking Life: The compelling historical biography that’s also a lot more, as the series rolls on.
October 16: New NEASA Books: American Blood: The challenging academic analysis that reminds us how constructed and contested even the seemingly simplest American concepts are.
October 17: New NEASA Books: A History of Spiritualism and the Occult in Salem: The series concludes with the latest SalemStudying book by one of my favorite AmericanStudiers.
October 18-19: My Own Current Projects!:  As I wait for word on the status of my own next book, an update on three spaces to which I’ve recently contributed pieces.
October 20: De Lange Follow Ups: The Rice CTE: A series following up my opportunity to serve as a Social Media Fellow for the De Lange Conference begins with the impressive and important work being done at Rice University’s Center for Teaching Excellence.
October 21: De Lange Follow Ups: Ruth Simmons: The series continues with two vital contributions from the conference’s most inspiring keynote speaker.
October 22: De Lange Follow Ups: Keynote Speakers:  Some of the provocative questions raised by the rest of the keynote speakers (questions that need more answers, including yours!), as the series rolls on.
October 23: De Lange Follow Ups: Pedagogy Sessions: On my specific and broader takeaways from the conference’s wonderful breakout sessions.
October 24: De Lange Follow Ups: Backchannel Conversations?: The series concludes with three ways to think about our conference-long Twitter responses and conversations.
October 25-26: De Lange Follow Ups: My Fellow Tweeters: One more De Lange post, on my amazing group of fellow social media chroniclers.
October 27: AmericanSpooking: The Saw Series: A Halloween-inspired series starts with the question of morality in horror films, and whether it matters.
October 28: AmericanSpooking: Found Footage Films: The series continues with the appeals and the limitations of the ubiquitous contemporary genre.
October 29: AmericanSpooking: The Birds and Psycho: Defamiliarization, horror films, and social prejudice, as the series rolls on.
October 30: AmericanSpooking: Those Scary Foreigners: The terrifying travails of young Americans abroad in two recent, hugely successful film franchises.
October 31: AmericanSpooking: The Scream Series: The series concludes with the benefits and the drawbacks of metafiction, in any genre.
Next series starts Monday,

PS. Topics you’d like to see covered on the blog? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know, please!

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