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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29-30, 2014: November 2014 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

November 3: Exemplary Elections: 1800: An election week series starts with the election that changed everything—and, fortunately, didn’t.

November 4: Exemplary Elections: 1864: The series continues with one very good and one very bad thing about the crucial wartime election.

November 5: Exemplary Elections: 1876: How an AmericanStudies approach can help us understand one of our most contested elections, as the series rolls on.

November 6: Exemplary Elections: 1948: A couple AmericanStudies contexts beyond the compelling “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline.

November 7: Exemplary Elections: 1994: The series concludes with three 21st century legacies of a defining midterm election. (For a lot more discussion, see this Lawyers, Guns and Money story in response to my post.)

November 8-9: Four Years!: Four heartfelt thanks on the occasion of the blog’s fourth anniversary!

November 10: Veterans Days: The Best Years of Our Lives: A Veterans’ Day series starts with the under-remembered film that offers an important perspective on this American community.    

November 11: Veterans Days: The Bonus Army: The series continues with the historical event and community that remind us of for how long veterans have also been activists.

November 12: Veterans Days: The Harrisburg Veterans Parade: One of the low points in our treatment of veterans, and then one of the highs, as the series rolls on.

November 13: Veterans Days: Veterans’ Organizations: The distinct and even contrasting reasons why and how veterans’ organizations are formed.

November 14: Veterans Days: Miyoko Hikiji: The series concludes with the inspiring veteran and book that importantly complicated and expand our narratives of this community.

November 15-16: Crowd-sourced Veterans Days: Responses and contributions to the week’s series 
from fellow AmericanStudiers.

November 17: American Drama: Provincetown and Trifles: A series AmericanStudying dramatic 
works starts with the community and play that changed the game.

November 18: American Drama: Hansberry’s Husband and Wife: The series continues with the flawed, frustrating, and crucial couple at the heart of a classic play.

November 19: American Drama: Wilson’s Ambition: Ambition, success and failure, and August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, as the series rolls on.

November 20: American Drama: Angels in America and Rent: Two 1990s theatrical works and how our cultural conversations about controversial issues and histories evolve.

November 21: American Drama: Depression Drama and Odets: The series concludes with contrasting and complementary activist dramas during a dark time.

November 22-23: American Drama: Five More: But wait—five more playwrights and plays that deserve their own posts (and hopefully will get them someday)!

November 24: 21st Century Thanks: Twitter: A Thanksgiving series on 21st century gratitudes starts with three things that the social media site does very well.

November 25: 21st Century Thanks: Facebook: The series continues with why I’m thankful for the social media giant despite its frustrations.

November 26: 21st Century Thanks: Email: Obsessing over, historically contextualizing, and expressing gratitude for this new form of communication, as the series rolls on.

November 27: 21st Century Thanks: FaceTime: On Thanksgiving, a quick post on why I’m so thankful for a way to keep in touch with my boys from afar—happy holiday!

November 28: 21st Century Thanks: E-Colleagues: The series concludes with five colleagues I haven’t gotten to meet in person yet—but to whom I still feel connected thanks to the 21st century!

Next series starts Monday,

PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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