My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31-September 1, 2013: August 2013 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
August 1: American Families: The Holmes: The series on multi-generational families resumes with the father and son who illustrate two very distinct ways to achieve greatness—and one common thread.
August 2: American Families: The Lowells: The series concludes with the many different prominent members of a Boston family, and the poems that depict them.
August 3-4: American Families: The Railtons: A special weekend post highlights some of the posts through which I’ve paid tribute to my own multi-generational family.
August 5: Back to Virginia: Jamestown Today:  A series on my native state kicks off with three different sites through which we can engage with Virginia’s earliest multi-national histories.
August 6: Back to Virginia: Virginia Tech in Contexts: The series continues with a couple contexts for the state’s most horrific and tragic recent event.
August 7: Back to Virginia: Sorry, West Virginia: On more and less humorous ignorance and our northwestern neighbors, as the series rolls on.
August 8: Back to Virginia: The Valley Campaign: Stonewall Jackson, a youthful AmericanStudier, and the value and limitations of military history.
August 9: Back to Virginia: Macaca, Revisited: The series concludes with another look at the striking political moment with which I concluded my last Virginia series.
August 10-11: Crowd-sourced Virginia: The responses and Virginia connections of fellow AmericanStudiers—add yours, y’all!
August 12-18: 36 for 36: To celebrate my 36th birthday, a vacation week post on 36 favorite posts from the past year.
August 19: Still Studying: George Sanchez: A series on subjects about which I’m just learning begins with a seminal scholarly text I still need to read.
August 20: Still Studying: Foshay Tower: The series continues with the Minneapolis figure and building that embody an American icon.
August 21: Still Studying: Abenaki Histories: The many layers to the histories and stories of a northeastern tribe, as the series rolls on.
August 22: Still Studying: Melville at Work: A fellow scholar helps me recognize why we need to rethink our narratives on authors and work.
August 23: Still Studying: Known Unknowns: The series concludes with three examples of how much we can learn from a very 21st century resource.
August 24-25: Crowd-sourced Studying: Fellow AmericanStudiers weigh in on what they’re still learning about—add your thoughts in progress, please!
August 26: Fall Forward: NEASA Conference: A series on upcoming autumn events starts with communal connections at September’s New England ASA Conference.
August 27: Fall Forward: ASA Conference: The series continues with three things I’m looking forward to at November’s ASA Conference.
August 28: Fall Forward: Book Talks: Three different examples of upcoming presentations through which I’ll be sharing my third book with audiences, as the series rolls on.
August 29: Fall Forward: Next Book Question: As I return to work on my next book project, a key question about what to add to the chapters—one that needs your input!
August 30: Fall Forward: Three Years!: The series concludes with three memories on the occasion of this blog’s third anniversary.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. What would you like to see in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute?

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