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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, March 4, 2023

March 4-5, 2023: February 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

February 6: Football Figures: Pudge Heffelfinger: For this year’s Super Bowl series I focused on football figures, starting with the first professional footballer.

February 7: Football Figures: Jim Brown and Barry Sanders: The series continues with the parallel yet very distinct ways two greats left the game, and the American resonance of each.

February 8: Football Figures: Texas: A few different ways to AmericanStudy football’s prime place in the Lone Star State, as the series rushes on.

February 9: Football Figures: Andrew Luck: In the aftermath of a wonderful ESPN deep-dive article, highlighting a specific and a broader way to contextualize a shocking retirement.

February 10: Football Figures: Michael Sam and Carl Nassib: The series concludes with a striking and significant shift, and why there’s much more work to do.

February 11-12: Football (and Sports) Studiers: A Super Bowl weekend special post, highlighting a handful of the many great sports scholars out there—add more in comments, please!

February 13: Songs I Love: “Soul Days”: For this year’s Valentine’s series I went with recent songs I love, starting with Bruce getting soulful on his new album of covers.

February 14: Songs I Love: “Before You”: The series continues with an extra-sappy Valentine’s love song (from my sons’ favorite current artist!).

February 15: Songs I Love: “Quiet Town”: My favorite song from my favorite 21st century band, as the series rocks on.

February 16: Songs I Love: “The Barka-Darling River”: Three particularly great lines from one of the most pointed songs on a new Midnight Oil album full of them.

February 17: Songs I Love: “Pink Venom”: The series concludes with the silliest song of the week, an undeniable banger from Korean girl group BlackPink.

February 18-19: Hettie Williams’ Guest Post on Black Writers & AIDS: My next great Guest Post, Hettie Williams returning for a third awesome post!

February 20: Non-favorite Trends: Defunding Public Higher Ed: This year’s annual post-Valentine’s gripe-fest focused on non-favorite trends, starting with the defunding of institutions like mine.

February 21: Non-favorite Trends: Attacking Teachers & Librarians: The airing of grievances continues with legal and all too literal attacks on teachers and librarians.

February 22: Non-favorite Trends: Free Speech for Me: How “free speech” often seems to mean the exact opposite, as the series whines on.

February 23: Non-favorite Trends: Circular Firing Squads: The difference between debate and division, and why it matters a great deal.

February 24: Non-favorite Trends: Kids Today: The non-favorite trends conclude with a universal and understandable narrative, and why it’s never been more wrong.

February 25-26: Crowd-sourced Non-favorites: Another installment of my favorite crowd-sourced post of the year!

February 27: Temperance Milestones: 1623: For the 400th anniversary of America’s first temperance law, a series on the movement starts with lessons from that 1623 law.

February 28: Temperance Milestones: The Early Republic: The series continues with three milestone moments in the movement’s early 19th century evolutions.

March 1: Temperance Milestones: Three Reformers: Takeaways from a trio of reformers across the 19th century, as the series marches on.

March 2: Temperance Milestones: The Anti-Saloon League: One important innovation and one troubling interconnection for America’s most influential temperance organization.

March 3: Temperance Milestones: Prohibition: The series concludes with three great scholarly books that can help us analyze the many layers and legacies of the movement’s greatest success.

Next series starts Monday,


PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to share? Lemme know!

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