My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

February 15, 2023: Songs I Love: “Quiet Town”

[For this year’s Valentine’s series, I wanted to share a handful of recent songs I’ve loved. Share recent songs, albums, artists you love for a crowd-sourced weekend post with heart eyes!]

I’ve written about my favorite 21st century rock band The Killers on multiple prior occasions in this space, and so it’ll come as no surprise that a new album of theirs like 2021’s Pressure Machine is always gonna inspire the love in this AmericanStudier. I especially love the album’s deeply personal nature, its connection to lead singer Brandon Flowers’ childhood and hometown community, threads that carry through the entire album and build to the beautiful final song “The Getting By” (inspired by something his mom said about his dad). But among all that goodness, it is the album’s second song, “Quiet Town,” that stands out most for me, as perhaps the greatest song this great band have ever released: I love so much about “Quiet Town,” but love most the way in which just when you think it’s done it’s builds to one more level that also comes full circle from its opening. And if I thought I couldn’t love “Quiet Town” any more, then my sons went ahead and put it on their homework bangers playlist—and that love built to one more level as well!

Next song I love tomorrow,


PS. What songs or artists have you been lovin’ on recently?

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