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Saturday, March 30, 2024

March 30-31, 2024: March 2024 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

March 4: National Park Studying: Yosemite: For the Department of the Interior’s 175th birthday, a National Park series kicks off with six figures who helped shape Yosemite.

March 5: National Park Studying: Blackstone River Valley: The series continues with two interesting comps for one of our newest Parks.

March 6: National Park Studying: Everglades: The very American story of the woman who helped save the ‘Glades, as the story tours on.

March 7: National Park Studying: Mesa Verde: Two distinct but complementary sides to a foundational AmericanStudier moment.

March 8: National Park Studying: Acadia: The series concludes with a few telling moments in the Maine Park’s Franco-American history.

March 9-10: National Park Studying: National Historic Parks: A special weekend post on a few of the many great National Historic Parks—with many more in a Saturday Evening Post column linked at the end!

March 11: NeMLA Reflections: Opening Address: A series on the latest great NeMLA conference kicks off with the opening speaker’s multilayered public scholarly work.

March 12: NeMLA Reflections: NeMLA Reads Together: The series continues with two takeaways from the latest example of NeMLA’s wonderful community endeavor.

March 13: NeMLA Reflections: My Panel on Nostalgia & the 50s: Three of the many excellent conversations I got to be part of on Vaughn Joy’s panel on “nostalgic extremism.”

March 14: NeMLA Reflections: Guilty Pleasures Panels: Two interesting throughlines from a pair of provocative interconnected sessions.

March 15: NeMLA Reflections: Community Connections: The reflections conclude with three ways NeMLA 2024 connected to its host city.

March 16-17: NeMLA Reflections: A Special Organization: A weekend tribute to a few of the reasons why NeMLA is such a special organization.

March 18: American Magic: Fakir of Ava: In honor of Houdini’s 150th birthday, a MagicStudying series kicks off with three ways the first famous American magician paved the way for the profession.

March 19: American Magic: Thurston and Kellar: The series continues with a pair of magicians who help us think about competition and collaboration.

March 20: American Magic: Orson Welles: Two ways to AmericanStudy a fascinating last act in a legendary career, as the series tricks on.

March 21: American Magic: Penn & Teller: Three telling influences on one of the most famous magic acts of the last half-century.

March 22: American Magic: 21st Century Evolutions: The series concludes with a handful of contemporary talents who reflect how magic has evolved.

March 23-24: American Magic: Harry Houdini: On Houdini’s 150th, three lesser-known layers to our most famous magician.

March 25: What is Game Show Studying?: 30s and 40s Origins: For Jeopardy!’s 60th anniversary, a Game Show Studying series kicks off with three stages in the genre’s experimental early decades.

March 26: What is Game Show Studying?: Quiz Show Scandals: The series continues with three ways to contextualize the fixing scandals that dominated the game show world in the late 50s.

March 27: What is Game Show Studying?: Dating Games: A more straightforward and a more subtle context for a pair of groundbreaking dating games, as the series plays on.

March 28: What is Game Show Studying?: Deal-Making: AmericanStudies contexts for three generations of deal-making shows.

March 29: What is Game Show Studying?: Jeopardy!: The series concludes with two ways the legendary game show echoes the genre’s histories, and one way it stands out.

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