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Saturday, March 2, 2024

March 2-3, 2024: February 2024 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

February 5: AmericanStudying Sports Movies: Bad News Boys and Bears: This year’s Super Bowl series focused on sports films, starting with our problematic obsession with lovable losers.

February 6: AmericanStudying Sports Movies: Hoosiers and Rudy: The series continued with the untold histories behind stories of underdog champions.

February 7: AmericanStudying Sports Movies: The Longest Yard(s): What the changes between a film and its remake can tell us about American narratives, as the series plays on.

February 8: AmericanStudying Sports Movies: The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook: The interesting results when an unconventional filmmaker works in a deeply conventional genre.

February 9: AmericanStudying Sports Movies: Remember the Titans: The series concludes with the over-the-top scene and speech that really shouldn’t work, but somehow do.

February 10-11: AmericanStudying Sports Movies: My Pitch!: A special follow-up with my pitch for a sports movie adapting one of our most inspiring histories!

February 12: AmericanStudying Love Songs: “At Last”: With love in the air, this year’s Valentine’s series focused on love songs, kicking off with the biographical and cultural layers to a timeless classic.

February 13: AmericanStudying Love Songs: “Wake Up Little Susie”: The series continues with the boundary between innocence and sex in early rock and roll, and a song that cut across it.

February 14: AmericanStudying Love Songs: “You Can’t Hurry Love”: What’s special about one of Motown’s countless classic love songs, as the series serenades on.

February 15: AmericanStudying Love Songs: “Storybook Love”: A beautiful example of a film love song that’s about both the movie and the romance.

February 16: AmericanStudying Love Songs: “Happy”: Couldn’t get through the week without some Bruce, and here’s my favorite of his many great “adult love songs.”

February 17-18: AmericanStudying Love Songs: Five New Classics: The series concludes with five 21st century love songs sure to become classics!

February 19: Prejudicial Non-Favorites: Jefferson and Banneker: For this year’s non-favorites series I focused on moments when generally impressive figures gave in to white supremacy, starting with a Framer’s frustratingly racist response.

February 20: Prejudicial Non-Favorites: Lincoln’s Mass Execution: The series continues with two ways in which our greatest president gave in to white supremacist violence and exclusion.

February 21: Prejudicial Non-Favorites: Anthony’s Priorities: A collective and an individual frustration with an inspiring figure’s worst quote, as the series gripes on.

February 22: Prejudicial Non-Favorites: Harlan’s Exclusions: A history and a contemporary lesson from an iconic Justice’s prejudices.

February 23: Prejudicial Non-Favorites: London’s Fighting Words: The series concludes with an ugly moment when white supremacy trumped athletic supremacy.

February 24-25: Biden and Anti-Immigrant Narratives: A special follow-up post, highlighting a thread where I critiqued our current president’s embrace of xenophobia.

February 26: Leap Years: 1816: For this once-every-four-years occasion, a Leap Year Studying series kicks off with three 1816 trends.

February 27: Leap Years: 1848: The series continues with how three distinct events within a 10-day period in early 1848 changed the world.

February 28: Leap Years: 1904: Five of the many cultural legacies of the 1904 World’s Fair, as the series leaps on.

February 29: Leap Years: 1948: A couple significant 1948 election contexts beyond the justifiably famous “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

March 1: Leap Years: 1984 in Film: The series and month conclude with how three 1984 blockbusters reflect 80s debates.

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