My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Monday, October 23, 2023

October 23, 2023: New Scholarly Books: A Seat at the Table

[It’s been a bit since I dedicated a blog series to highlighting great new scholarly books—so this week I’m dedicating a blog series to highlighting great new scholarly books. Please add more recommendations, new, old, and anywhere in between, in comments!]

Readers of this blog are already familiar with the awesome Dr. Hettie Williams, who has contributed not one, not two, but three excellent Guest Posts (tying her for the all-time lead!). Which makes me even more excited than I already would have been to highlight her phenomenal new collection A Seat at the Table: Black Women Public Intellectuals in US History and Culture, co-edited with Melissa Ziobro and published by the University Press of Mississippi (and featuring a number of chapters by Hettie herself, among many other awesome contributors including another AmericanStudies Guest Poster Tanya Roth). That a number of the chapters also intersect with my own recent and ongoing work on African American critical patriotism is just the icing on the cake, and puts A Seat at the Table in conversation with other exemplary recent works like the 1619 Project. For all those and many other reasons, this is my must-have Fall 2023 scholarly publication!

Next book rec tomorrow,


PS. What do you think? Other books or publications you’d recommend?

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