My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, September 9, 2023

September 9-10, 2023: Update on My Current Book Project

[This week marks the start of the Fall 2023 semester and my 19th year at Fitchburg State. So as ever, I’ve kicked off the semester with preview posts, this time focused on ongoing challenges and leading up to this update on my current book project!]

I’m not gonna lie, when I planned this series a few months back I was pretty hopeful that I would have a real update about my current book project to share in the weekend post. The short answer is that I don’t, as the project continues to seek a home. It does so under a new name and frame, however, as Two Sandlots has evolved into The Celestials’ Last Game (same subtitle: Baseball, Bigotry, and the Battle for America). I believe that frame allows me to lean into the 19th century baseball stories and histories that are at the heart of this project, while still connecting to all the other social and cultural contexts that make the Celestials and their last game so important (from the Chinese Educational Mission and Chinese Exclusion Era to the Workingmen’s Party of California, the 1877 San Francisco massacre, and much more). I’d really love the chance to share my revised proposal with interested agents and/or editors, so please feel free to reach out by email ( with any such interest and/or contacts for me. Thanks in advance!

Next series starts Monday,


PS. What do you think? Fall previews or work in progress you’d share?

PPS. Speaking of baseball histories, I’m very excited to note that I’ll be talking about this project at the 9-Online Virtual Baseball Conference in October. Please let me know if you’ll be there too!

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