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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, September 2, 2023

September 2-3, 2023: August 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

July 31: Sibling Studying: The Marx Brothers and the Stooges: A celebratory series on American siblings kicks off with two groups at the heart of mid-20th century comedy and culture.

August 1: Sibling Studying: The Grimké Sisters: The series continues with a pair of sisters who exemplified the power, courage, and complexity of American abolitionism.

August 2: Sibling Studying: The Wright Brothers: Three lesser-known stories of the brothers who changed transportation and the world, as the series rolls on.

August 3: Sibling Studying: William and Henry James: The influential and inspiring relationship between two brothers who echo my own favorite pair of siblings.

August 4: Sibling Studying: The Eaton Sisters: The series concludes with two columns where I’ve highlighted the amazing Eaton sisters, and one thing I’d add.

August 5-6: Sibling Studying: The Railton Boys: Couldn’t share a SiblingStudying series without paying tribute to my favorite pair of brothers!

August 7: Birthday Bests: 2010-2011: My annual birthday series of favorite posts from across the blog’s nearly 13 years started here…

August 8: Birthday Bests: 2011-2012:

August 9: Birthday Bests: 2012-2013:

August 10: Birthday Bests: 2013-2014:

August 11: Birthday Bests: 2014-2015:

August 12: Birthday Bests: 2015-2016:

August 13: Birthday Bests: 2016-2017:

August 14: Birthday Bests: 2017-2018:

August 15: Birthday Bests: 2018-2019:

August 16: Birthday Bests: 2019-2020:

August 17: Birthday Bests: 2020-2021:

August 18: Birthday Bests: 2021-2022:

August 19-20: Birthday Bests: 2022-2023: … and concluded here with 46 favorite posts from the last year on the blog!

August 21: Cville Places: Barracks Road: For this year’s Cville series, I focused on symbolic spaces, starting with one that captures the elided but evocative histories all around us.

August 22: Cville Places: Fry’s Spring: The series continues with four stages to one of Cville’s most exemplary sites.

August 23: Cville Places: Vinegar Hill: Sharing a Saturday Evening Post column on one of the city’s most tragic spaces, as the series rolls on.

August 24: Cville Places: The Jefferson School: What a historic educational place can tell us about three distinct 20th century eras.

August 25: Cville Places: The Paramount Theater: The series concludes with three telling details about the city’s most historic theater.

August 26-27: Cville Places: The Public Schools: A special weekend tribute to some of the many amazing folks I worked with in my own most influential Cville space.

August 28: Contextualizing the March on Washington: 1941 Origins: For the March’s 60th anniversary, a series on key contexts kicks off with 1941 origin points.

August 29: Contextualizing the March on Washington: 1957 Prelude: The series continues with how a 1957 march foreshadowed 1963, and how it differed.

August 30: Contextualizing the March on Washington: The Big Six: A couple inspiring elements of the 1963 March’s leadership, and one frustrating one.

August 31: Contextualizing the March on Washington: Marian, Mahalia, and Odetta: The 1963 musical performers who dominated the headlines, and three whom we should better remember.

September 1: Contextualizing the March on Washington: Speeches: The series concludes with three of the March’s many important orations (beyond its most famous one).

Fall Semester previews start Monday,


PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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