My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

January 22-23, 2022: Spring Semester Previews: Two Sandlots

[A new semester is upon us, so this week I’ve previewed texts I’m excited to teach in my Spring 2022 classes. Leading up to this weekend update on my book project in progress!],

Life has done what it does in early 2022, and I don’t have a ton of new info to report on my next book project, Two Sandlots: Baseball, Bigotry, and the Battle for America. I continue to work with my amazing agent, Suzy Evans, on preparing the proposal and finding a home; and this Spring I’ll be teaching adult learning classes for my two favorite such programs, ALFA and WISE, on the book’s focal histories, stories, and subjects, which should help me keep moving the work forward. Can’t wait to share more with you all, so watch this space—and let me know what you’re working on this Spring and beyond, please!

Next series starts Monday,


PS. What do you think? Spring courses or other work you want to share?

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