My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, September 30, 2023

September 30-October 1, 2023: September 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

September 4: Fall Semester Previews: Ethnic American Literature: For this semester’s previews series I focused on ongoing challenges, starting with teaching Ethnic American lit & history in 2023.

September 5: Fall Semester Previews: English Studies Capstone: The series continues with how to frame and teach a future-focused class in a moment when the future is so fraught.

September 6: Fall Semester Previews: First-Year Writing I: Teaching writing in the age of ChatGPT, as the series previews on.

September 7: Fall Semester Previews: American Lit Online: A continued challenge of online-only teaching, and one for which I’d love ideas and perspectives!

September 8: Fall Semester Previews: Departmental Program Review: The series concludes with ongoing departmental work for the year and why it matters so much.

September 9-10: Update on My Current Book Project: And speaking of ongoing work, a semi-update on and request for connections with my new book project.

September 11: AmericanStudying The Rising: “Into the Fire” and “The Rising”: A September 11th series on Springsteen’s amazing cultural response to that tragedy starts with two complementary but also contrasting ways to see firefighters and their families.

September 12: AmericanStudying The Rising: “Paradise” and “Worlds Apart”: The series continues with two very different ways that The Rising pushes past stereotypes of Muslims.

September 13: AmericanStudying The Rising: “You’re Missing” and “Mary’s Place”: A pair of couplets that reflect two sides of loss and griefs, as the series rises on.

September 14: AmericanStudying The Rising: “The Fuse” and “Let’s Be Friends (Skin to Skin)”: In response to a frustrating current controversy, two Bruce songs that remind us of the vital role of cultural works about sex in challenging times.

September 15: AmericanStudying The Rising: “My City of Ruins” and “Superman (It’s Not Easy)”: The series concludes with two accidentally resonant songs that highlight how art can radically change meaning alongside unfolding histories.

September 18: AmericanStudying the Panic of 1873: Two Fires: For the 150th anniversary of its starting point, a series on the Panic of 1873 kicks off with two disasters that helped set the stage for that crash.

September 19: AmericanStudying the Panic of 1873: The Coinage Act: The series continues with a controversial 1873 law and the causes and contingencies of history.

September 20: AmericanStudying the Panic of 1873: Two Panics: What was quite similar and what importantly distinct about two 19th century Panics, as the series rolls on.

September 21: AmericanStudying the Panic of 1873: The Railroad Strike: How a hugely important national labor action was influenced by the Panic, and vice versa.

September 22: AmericanStudying the Panic of 1873: Anti-Chinese Prejudice: The series concludes with the Panic’s key role in three stages of the evolving anti-Chinese movement.

September 23-24: AmericanStudying the Panic of 1873: 2023 Connections: A special weekend post on one overt and two more subtle (but perhaps even more important) echoes of the 1870s.

September 25: Cultural Falls: Young Adult Lit: An autumn series on cultural images of falls kicks off with two young adult novels that fractured my innocence alongside that of their protagonists.

September 26: Cultural Falls: American Pastoral: The series continues with Philip Roth’s masterful historical novel which embodies both the extreme and the poignant 60s losses of innocence.  

September 27: Cultural Falls: The Body and Stand By Me: A novella and film adaptation that, in their divergent portrayals of the loss of innocence, also reflect the complexities of adaptation, as the series falls on.

September 28: Cultural Falls: Presumed Innocent: The legal thriller and film adaptation that exemplify the multiple layers of revelations about innocence and guilt in the best mystery fiction.

September 29: Cultural Falls: “American Pie”: The series and month conclude with the straightforward and subtler sides to the famous ballad about individual and cultural losses of innocence.

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