My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Friday, September 9, 2022

September 9, 2022: APUSH Studying: High School History Heroes

[I’m not the only one gearing up for a new school year at the moment—so are my 11th and 10th grade (!!!) sons. That includes my 11th grader taking AP US History, a complicated and controversial and very AmericanStudies high school class. So this week I’ll AmericanStudy a handful of APUSH contexts—share your responses and your thoughts on all things high school US history for a crowd-sourced weekend post sure to make the honor roll!]

In lieu of my own words here, I wanted to end this series by paying quick tribute to just a few of the many amazing high school history teachers I’ve gotten to know through the #twitterstorians community. There are of course way more than this, and I’d love to share your nominees as part of that crowd-sourced weekend post!

Gotta start individually with Nicole Donawho, who when I first mentioned this blog series and my son’s upcoming APUSH class went above and beyond to share a ton of materials and resources from her own APUSH teaching experiences with me and him. Thanks, Nicole!

Next I’ll highlight two awesome educators whom I’ve been honored to have as Guest Posters on this blog: Ariella Archer & Tanya Roth.

Finally, just a handful more (and again, share more nominees please!), in alphabetical order ‘cause there ain’t no ranking these inspiring folks: Caris AdelSheila Billings, Matt D'AugustineRebecca Brenner Graham, Fiona HalloranAngela Lee, Andrew Elliott McBurneySamantha McCoy, Emily Elizabeth Slomski, Derek Tang, Tracey Thode, Katelyn Botsford Tucker, and Erika Weber.

Crowd-sourced post this weekend,


PS. So one more time: What do you think? Contexts or stories for APUSH or high school history you’d share? Great teachers you’d highlight?

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