My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

September 1, 2022: Fall Semester Previews: American Lit II Online

[This week we start a new semester, one I desperately hope will feel a bit more settled and positive than the last few. To that end, for my annual Fall previews I’ll highlight something I’m especially looking forward to in each class, leading up to a weekend update on my current book project!]

As I wrote about in my Semester Recap post at the end of my section of American Literature II Online last Fall, despite having taught at least one all-online course every semester for 8 years now, I think I continue to improve a lot when it comes to things like feedback and communication and student engagement. That trend certainly keeps me excited for my next such online-only courses, which is a good thing as that type of class is becoming more and more an option that the FSU administration wants us to offer (and that at least certain cohorts of our students unquestionably want to take, and have likewise become better at navigating successfully I’ve found). But I’m particularly excited for this section because I’m finally trying to work in the way in which I’ve always ended my in-person Am Lit II courses—asking students to share authors/artists who have been meaningful to them, as a way to get our 21st century identities and perspectives into the conversation. In place of final readings and Blackboard responses, I’ll be asking students to share such an author/artist and a particular work of theirs in an ungraded last BB post, and can’t wait to read and learn from all their highlights!

Last preview post tomorrow,


PS. Classes or other things you’re looking forward to this Fall?

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