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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

November 27, 2021: November 2021 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

November 1: Action Figures: John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart: A series inspired by Charles Bronson’s 100th birthday kicks off with the film that complicates two Hollywood lives and legacies.

November 2: Action Figures: Gordon Parks and Shaft: The series continues with how one of our greatest artists helps us analyze the problems and possibilities of Blaxsploitation.

November 3: Action Figures: Charles Bronson and Death Wish: On Bronson’s birthday, one famous contemporary legacy of his watershed role, and a surprising 21st century echo.

November 4: Action Figures: Arnie and Sly: What differentiated the 80s action superstars and one important parallel, the series shoots on.

November 5: Action Figures: Black Widow: The series concludes with how the recent Marvel film echoes yet also revises a frustrating longstanding action trope.

November 6-7: Crowd-sourced Action Figures: The latest installment of one of my favorite parts of the blog, crowd-sourced weekend posts!

November 8-12: 11 Years of AmericanStudying!: Speaking of favorite parts of blogging, another is thinking about all that’s been part of this space over its now 11+ years!

November 13-14: 11th Anniversary Tributes: And even better than that is paying tribute to the folks who have inspired my work here, like the four family members I highlighted in this post.

November 15: The Montgomery Bus Boycott: The Women Who Began It: A series on an important 65th anniversary kicks off with the Montgomery women & activism that truly launched the boycott.

November 16: The Montgomery Bus Boycott: Rosa Parks: The series continues with the many layers to Parks before, during, and after the boycott.

November 17: The Montgomery Bus Boycott: Three More Key Figures: A trio of vital bus boycott figures beyond Parks and MLK, as the series marches on.

November 18: The Montgomery Bus Boycott: King’s Book: A specific and an overarching significance to MLK’s first book, a history of the boycott.

November 19: The Montgomery Bus Boycott: Aftermaths: The series concludes with important victories, and horrific backlash, and the importance of remembering both.

November 20-21: The Montgomery Bus Boycott: 21st Century Legacies and Echoes: A special weekend post on three lessons from Montgomery for our own moment.

November 22-26: Indigenous Voices for the Harvest Festival’s 400th Anniversary: For the 400th anniversary of “the First Thanksgiving,” a special post highlighting Wampanoag & indigenous voices & communities we should all listen to, this year more than ever.

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