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My New Book!
My New Book!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

September 30, 2018: September 2018 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
September 3: Fall 2018 Previews: Writing I: My annual Fall previews series kicks off with the value of stability in my first-year writing course, and the need for change nonetheless.
September 4: Fall 2018 Previews: American Lit II: The series continues with the perils and pleasures of returning to an old friend after a few years apart.
September 5: Fall 2018 Previews: American Lit II Online: What I can’t change about teaching a lit survey online, and what I hope to, as the series rolls on.
September 6: Fall 2018 Previews: Major American Authors of the 20th Century: The difficult decision to replace a long-time favorite text, and the opportunity it has opened up.
September 7: Fall 2018 Previews: Voices of Resistance for ALFA: The series concludes with couple of voices I know I’ll be featuring in my next adult learning class, and a request for nominations!
September 8-9: Other Fall 2018 Updates: Other good things happening and coming in Fall 2018, including a new blog everyone should check out!
September 10: MassacreStudying: Lattimer: On the anniversary of a forgotten labor massacre, a massacre series kicks off with one pessimistic and one optimistic takeaway.
September 11: MassacreStudying: Mystic: The series continues with three texts that help us remember one of early America’s darkest moments.
September 12: MassacreStudying: Wounded Knee: Three distinct attempts to raise national awareness of a horrific event, as the series continues.
September 13: MassacreStudying: Reconstruction Massacres: Three under-remembered Reconstruction-era massacres that contributed to the period’s failures.
September 14: MassacreStudying: My Lai: The series concludes with cultural engagements with one of our more recent and troubling dark histories.
September 15-16: 21st Century Massacres and Hate Crimes: A special post on how the legacies of historic massacres continue in two of our darkest contemporary trends.
September 17: Mass Protest Studying: Occupy Wall Street: On OWS’ anniversary, a mass protests series starts with frustrating and inspiring legacies of the movement.
September 18: Mass Protest Studying: The Whiskey Rebellion: The series continues with two distinct ways to AmericanStudy one of our first domestic crises.
September 19: Mass Protest Studying: The NYC Draft Riots: A popular historical film that gets a Civil War mass protest exactly wrong, as the series rolls on.
September 20: Mass Protest Studying: The Bonus Army: The veterans movement that ended in both tragedy and lasting success.
September 21: Mass Protest Studying: The Armies of the Night: The series concludes with the literary classic that both narrates and challenges mass protests.
September 22-23: Mass Protest Studying: The Boston March for Science: A special post on a recent, very telling example of 21st century mass protest.
September 24-26: NeMLA Panels You Should Submit To!: Today’s the deadline for submitting abstracts for NeMLA’s 50th anniversary convention in DC in March—so hie thee hence!
September 27-29: Tina Powell’s Guest Post: My latest Guest Post, Professor Tina Powell on reading and teaching refugee literatures and stories.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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