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My New Book!
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 29-30, 2016: October 2016 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
October 3: AmericanStudying The Americans: “Illegals”: A series on the great FX TV show starts with what’s compelling and what’s troubling about the show’s central premise.
October 4: AmericanStudying The Americans: Spies like Us: The series continues with what we don’t know about two high-profile spying controversies, and why it doesn’t matter.
October 5: AmericanStudying The Americans: Stealth: The historical limitations and imaginative possibilities of a secretive technology, as the series rolls on.
October 6: AmericanStudying The Americans: Afghanistan: How four kinds of cultural texts can help us understand one of our most complicated and evolving relationships and histories.
October 7: AmericanStudying The Americans: Immigrant Generations: The series concludes with how a recent plot twist helps us analyze a vital American issue.
October 8-9: Emily Lauer’s Guest Post on Super Immigrants: In my latest Guest Post, Emily Lauer analyzes immigration through superhero characters and stories.
October 10: Birth Control in America: Margaret Sanger: A series inspired by the 100th anniversary of Sanger’s first clinic starts with three lesser-known sides to the activist herself.
October 11: Birth Control in America: Esther at the Doctor: The series continues with two historical and cultural lessons from an intimate fictional sequence.
October 12: Birth Control in America: The Pill: How the history of the combinated oral contraceptive pill echoes the first two posts and how it differs, as the series rolls on.
October 13: Birth Control in America: Condom Commercials: Three telling stages in the history of advertising birth control.
October 14: Birth Control in America: Sandra Fluke: The series concludes with two ways a 2012 story extended my week’s themes and reflected their continued presence in our society.
October 15-16: Layne Craig’s When Sex Changed: I couldn’t write a series about birth control and not highlight this great scholarly book by a former colleague of mine!
October 17: Black Panther Posts: The Alabama Panthers: A 50th anniversary series on the Panthers starts with their largely forgotten inspiration, and why it matters.
October 18: Black Panther Posts: Guns and Breakfasts: The series continues with two central sides to the Panthers, and why they’re not as opposed as they might seem.
October 19: Black Panther Posts: Female Panthers: The complicated stories and inspiring legacies of three female Panthers, as the series rolls on.
October 20: Black Panther Posts: Forrest Gump: What’s bad, and what’s even worse, about the party’s appearance in a popular historical film.
October 21: Black Panther Posts: AAIHS Links: The series concludes with links to a handful of great Panther posts at the African American Intellectual History Society’s blog.
October 22-23: Colin Kaepernick and 1960s Legacies: A special weekend follow up, on two ways the controversial quarterback is extending historical influences.
October 24: American Killers: Wieland: This year’s annual Halloween series starts with two origin points in a unique and strange Gothic novel.
October 25: American Killers: The Devil in the White City: The series continues with two reasons to celebrate Erik Larson’s historical bestseller, and one critique.
October 26: American Killers: Executioner Songs: Norman Mailer, Bruce Springsteen, and cultural narratives of serial killers, as the series rolls on.
October 27: American Killers: Bundy and Dahmer: How two pop culture genres portray stories of serial killers.
October 28: American Killers: Dexter: The series concludes with antiheroes, vigilantes, and everyone’s favorite TV serial killer.
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