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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 3-4, 2016: August 2016 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
August 1: Native American Leaders: John Ross: A series on native leaders starts with three American histories that look far different when viewed through the lens of the Cherokee Nation chief.
August 2: Native American Leaders: Sarah Winnemucca and Authenticity: The series continues with the late 19th century book and leader that embody the complex concept of “authentic” voices.
August 3: Native American Leaders: Remembering the American Indian Movement: Why and how we should better remember the 1960s activist leaders, as the series rolls on.
August 4: Native American Leaders: Wilma Mankiller: How a trailblazing leader reflects the best and worst of contemporary native communities.
August 5: Native American Leaders: 21st Century Leaders: The series concludes with three leaders who illustrate how much our own moment is extending the past’s examples.
August 6-7: Donna Moody’s Guest Post on 21st Century Native American Scholarly Activism: A Guest Post from one of our best contemporary Native American Studies scholars!
August 8: American Fathers: Mr. Mom: A fatherhood series kicks off with what’s changed and what hasn’t in the decades since the stereotyping 80s comedy.
August 9: American Fathers: Fathers of Their Country: The series continues with the clear and consistent but also complex images of two beloved, paternalized leaders.
August 10: American Fathers: Southern Sons: The generational relationship and perspective that helps explain the Southern Renaissance, as the series rolls on.
August 11: American Fathers: Missing Fathers: Political, literary, and cultural engagements with a vexing late 20th century American issue.
August 12: American Fathers: Sitcom Dads: The series concludes with the clich├ęd extremes of sitcom dads and the often overlooked men in the middle.
August 13-14: Jonathan Silverman’s Guest Post on How to Be the American President: Another great Guest Post, based on Jonathan’s Fullbright lecture on images, narratives, and presidential campaigns.
August 15: Birthday Bests: 2010-2011: A birthday week series starts with 34 of my favorite posts from the blog’s first year.
August 16: Birthday Bests: 2011-2012: The series continues with 35 favorite posts from the blog’s second year.
August 17: Birthday Bests: 2012-2013: 36 favorite posts from the blog’s third year, as the series rolls on.
August 18: Birthday Bests: 2013-2014: 37 favorite posts from the blog’s fourth year!
August 19: Birthday Bests: 2014-2015: 38 favorite posts from the blog’s fifth year!
August 20-21: Birthday Bests: 2015-2016: The series concludes with 39 favorite posts from the last year on the blog.
August 22: Virginia Places: Lynchburg: A series AmericanStudying interesting Virginia places begins with two interesting histories and one troubling one in the small central Virginia city.
August 23: Virginia Places: Lexington: The series continues with two prominent and one alternative history in the small western Virginia town.
August 24: Virginia Places: Newport News: Three transportation revolutions that contributed to the development of the coastal city, as the series rolls on.
August 25: Virginia Places: Fairfax Court House: Two other important contexts for a site closely tied to the Civil War’s opening salvos.
August 26: Virginia Places: Three Lakes: The series concludes with AmericanStudies contexts for three favorites spots from my and now my boys’ childhoods.
August 27-28: Historical Writers of America Conference Recap: A few takeaways from my presentation and time at the HWA conference in Colonial Wiliamsburg.
August 29: Fall 2016 Previews: Analyzing 21st Century America: My annual fall preview series starts with one thread I’m definitely adding to a new senior seminar, and one I’m still wondering about.
August 30: Fall 2016 Previews: Honors Seminar on the Gilded Age: The series continues with two changes I’m making for the second version of a class—both of which could use your input!
August 31: Fall 2016 Previews: Intro to Sci Fi and Fantasy: Two telling changes in the revision of a sci fi classic, as the series rolls on.
September 1: Fall 2016 Previews: Stories of Salem: A handful of prior blog posts that reflect my long history of AmericanStudying Salem, previewing my new Adult Learning class on the city.
September 2: Fall 2016 Previews: Book Four!: The series concludes with three things that have changed about my upcoming fourth book.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to write? Lemme know!

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