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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 27-28, 2016: February 2016 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
February 1: Football Debates: The Redskins: A Super Bowl week series starts with what’s not complicated, and what is, about name and mascot debates.
February 2: Football Debates: Adrian Peterson: The series continues with what’s not surprising about the Peterson debate, and what we must remember nonetheless.
February 3: Football Debates: Deflategate: How to AmericanStudy an over-covered story, and what we could talk about instead, as the series rolls on.
February 4: Football Debates: Missouri Activism Update: The latest twist in one of 2015’s biggest stories, and why it’s vital to resist it.
February 5: Football Debates: Banning the Sport: The series concludes with a Fitchburg State debate on whether football should be banned.
February 6-7: AmericanStudying Super Bowl L: A pair of complementary links and articles on the 2016 Super Bowl quarterbacks and American narratives.
February 8: Teacher Tributes: Alan Heimert: A Valentine’s week series on teachers I love starts with the college professor who exemplified staying in the room.
February 9: Teacher Tributes: Proal Heartwell: The series continues with the high school teacher who had mastered the art of getting through.
February 10: Teacher Tributes: It Takes a Village: Five crucial moments and teachers from whom I’ve learned along the way, as the series rolls on.
February 11: Teacher Tributes: Jeff Renye: Some of the many things I learned from my first office and officemate.
February 12: Teacher Tributes: Student Teachers: The series concludes with three things I’ve learned about from my Fitchburg State students.
February 13-14: Teacher Tributes: My FiancĂ©: A special Valentine’s weekend post on my favorite teacher!
February 15: AmericanStudying Non-favorites: To Kill a Mockingbird: My annual non-favorites series starts with what the beloved novel doesn’t do, and what it does.
February 16: AmericanStudying Non-favorites: Citizen Kane: The series continues with two very American flaws in the classic film.
February 17: AmericanStudying Non-favorites: Mad Men: The historical and American problems with the acclaimed TV series, as the series rolls on.
February 18: AmericanStudying Non-favorites: “Africa” and Graceland: The varieties of cultural appropriation in 80s pop music.
February 19: AmericanStudying Non-favorites: Low Five: The series concludes with five historical figures with whom I have a bone—or a whole skeleton—to pick.
February 20-21: Crowd-sourced Non-favorites: Another great crowd-sourced post concludes the non-favorites series—add your grievances in comments!
February 22: Rap Readings: Public Enemy and N.W.A.: A series AmericanStudying rap starts with rap and the legacy of American protest music.
February 23: Rap Readings: Eminem’s “Closet”: The series continues with Sylvia Plath, Eminem, and persona and art.
February 24: Rap Readings: Biggie and Tupac: What we can learn from one of rap’s most famous beefs, and what it leaves out, as the series rolls on.
February 25: Rap Readings: Psy and M.I.A.: Two sides to the internationalization of rap, and what the trends helps us see in ourselves.
February 26: Rap Readings: Macklemore, J. Cole, and #BlackLivesMatter: The series concludes with two contemporary rap engagements with race in America.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics or themes you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to write? Lemme know!

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