My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

February 4-5, 2023: January 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

January 2: 2023 Anniversaries: 1773 and the Tea Party: My annual anniversaries series kicks off with the 250th anniversary of a few key 1773 moments.

January 3: 2023 Anniversaries: 1823 and the Monroe Doctrine: The series continues with the limits and possibilities of James Monroe’s signature policy on its 200th anniversary.

January 4: 2023 Anniversaries: 1873 Inventions: From blue jeans and barbed wire to obscenity laws, the 150th anniversary of three influential inventions as the series commemorates on.

January 5: 2023 Anniversaries: 1923 and Hollywood: The Hollywood sign, Disney Studios, and overt and enduring symbols of cultural hegemony.

January 6: 2023 Anniversaries: 1973 in Music: The series concludes with a handful of groundbreaking albums that together tell the story of a year.

January 7: 2023 Predictions: As the New Year got underway, a trio of things I’m looking forward to in 2023!

January 7-8: Einav Rabinovitch-Fox’s Guest Post on Senatorial Fashion: My latest great Guest Post, and first of 2023, on Senator John Fetterman and fashion in the big chamber.

January 9: Five Years of Considering History: The First Few Columns: For the 5th anniversary of my Saturday Evening Post column, a series of reflections kicks off with how the first few columns set the stage for what has followed.

January 10: Five Years of Considering History: June 2018: The series continues with a pair of columns that reflect how I’ve been able to connect to multiple sides of my life and work.

January 11: Five Years of Considering History: Cville: The vital opportunity the column has afforded me to write about my hometown, as the series reflects on.

January 12: Five Years of Considering History: Early American Lit and Lives: A column that illustrates how I’ve had the chance to venture far afield from my usual subjects and ideas.

January 13: Five Years of Considering History: The Mexican American Series: The series concludes with a trio of interconnected columns of which I’m particularly proud.

January 14-15: Five Years of Considering History: Two Tributes and a Request: A special weekend post paying tribute to two meaningful voices and asking for your voices as the column and I move forward!

January 16: Spring 2023 Previews: Intro to Sci Fi and Fantasy: My Spring semester previews series kicks off with a new author and text I’m excited to teach in this long-time favorite class.

January 17: Spring 2023 Previews: The American Novel to 1950: The series continues with a novel that just plain makes me happy to read and teach.

January 18: Spring 2023 Previews: Grad Class on Multi-Ethnic American Lit: How a new Grad class offers me the chance to finally teach a favorite early 20th century novel, as the series teaches on.

January 19: Spring 2023 Previews: First-Year Writing II: The limits and benefits of using contemporary multi-media texts in a first-year writing course.

January 20: Spring 2023 Previews: Short Stories for ALFA: The series concludes with my long-overdue return to literature-focused adult learning courses.

January 21-22: My New Book Project: A special weekend semi-update on my new book project that’s also a request for ideas and suggestions for possible homes!

January 23: AbortionStudying: Roe v. Wade: On the 50th anniversary of the Roe decision, an abortion studying series kicks off with four key figures from that pivotal court case.

January 24: AbortionStudying: Sarah Grosvenor: The series continues with two important contexts for a famous and tragic colonial-era case.

January 25: AbortionStudying: The Eleventh Virgin: What an autobiographical novel helps us see about history and politics alike, as the series debates on.

January 26: AbortionStudying: Dirty Dancing: Finally I get to write about Dirty Dancing in this space, as an alternative to how pop culture texts often present abortion.

January 27: AbortionStudying: George Tiller: The series concludes with two important takeaways from a horrific act of domestic terrorist violence.

January 28-29: AbortionStudying: Dobbs and Everything After: A special weekend post on three ongoing aftermaths of a disastrous June 2022 Supreme Court decision.

January 30: Travel Stories: Around the World in Eighty Days: For the 150th anniversary of the English publication of Verne’s novel, a series on travel writing kicks off with American influences on and from that classic story.

January 31: Travel Stories: Sarah Kemble Knight: The series continues with what a unique travel narrative helps us see about the early 18th century.

February 1: Travel Stories: Thoreau’s Cape Cod: Two complementary reasons to read Thoreau’s posthumously-published, often-overlooked book, as the series travels on.

February 2: Travel Stories: The Boston Cosmopolitans: Two positive effects of an elite community’s international travels.

February 3: Travel Stories: Until September and Americans in Paris: The series concludes with two enduring roles of Parisian escapes in the American imagination.

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