My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, February 25, 2023

February 25-26, 2023: Crowd-sourced Non-favorites

[For this year’s annual post-Valentine’s non-favorites series, I wanted to highlight some current (and in most cases longstanding) trends that really gripe my cookies. Leading up to another great crowd-soured airing of grievances from fellow AmericanGripers!]

First, this thread from PEN America’s Jeremy Young on Florida’s horrifying new higher ed bill is must-read.

Christina Arrington responds to Monday’s post, adding, “As a country, we should uphold the education of our citizens. It not only enables our citizenry to be productive individuals and good providers for themselves and their families, but an educated populace is what sustains our democracy.”

Along those lines, make sure to sign and share this petition to have the state of New York fully fund the SUNY and CUNY systems (thanks to @CitizenSE for sharing it with me!).

Other non-favorite trends and topics:

Mary shares, “I’m so tired of everyone posing as science experts when they almost certainly failed HS biology and never had a single science class since.”

Dr. Mary Todd adds, “Beyond tired of the blatant dishonesty/endless lying, whether from politicians of a certain party or a faux-news network.”

The awesome Laura Ingalls Wilder in Context Twitter account writes, “My unfavorite: people dismissing my independent work as ‘for children,’ thus somehow not worthy of the term ‘scholarship,’ but when the rare person follows up to learn exactly what I do (contextualize and attempt to decolonize said work) they respond with something akin to a derisive snort.”

Jeff Renye highlights TikTok, and especially the very frustrating Kia Boyz challenge.

Michael Giannasca writes, "I had to read and work through The Lively Art of Writing back in high school and hated it!" 

And I’ll let my colleague (and Guest Poster) Irene Martyniuk have the vital last word: “Today, on the one year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine, my non favorite trend is the rise of dictators, the silence of those they rule, and the feeling of some that counties should not help Ukraine and keep them out of the EU.”

Next series starts Monday,


PS. Other non-favorites of any kind you’d share?

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