My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

August 27-28, 2022: August 2022 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

August 1: American Phones: The Great Gatsby: A series inspired by the 100th anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell’s death kicks off with three telling phone calls in the exemplary Modernist novel.

August 2: American Phones: The Scream Films: The series continues with one things that’s really changed about phones since the iconic horror film debuted, and one that hasn’t.

August 3: American Phones: Phone Songs: Five pop songs that call upon this technology, as the series rings on.

August 4: American Phones: “Madam and the Phone Bill”: A funny poetic voice and character, and the layers of meaning she reveals.

August 5: American Phones: Smart Phones: The series concludes with one loss, one gain, and one effect too close to call with the defining technology of our age.

August 6: American Phones: Alexander Graham Bell: A special post on three layers and legacies to Bell’s impressive and inspiring life beyond the telephone.

August 6-7: Hettie Williams’ Guest Post on BeyoncĂ©’s Renaissance: The first of two Guest Posts this month, this one Hettie’s second great Guest Post for AmericanStudier!

August 8: Birthday Bests: 2010-2011: The annual birthday favorites posts kick off!

August 9: Birthday Bests: 2011-2012:

August 10: Birthday Bests: 2012-2013:

August 11: Birthday Bests: 2013-2014:

August 12: Birthday Bests: 2014-2015:

August 13: Birthday Bests: 2015-2016:

August 13-14: Sarah Stook’s Guest Post: America the Ancient: Taking a break from the bday posts for the month’s second Guest Post, from my new Twitter connection Sarah!

August 14: Birthday Bests: 2016-2017:

August 15: Birthday Bests: 2017-2018:

August 16: Birthday Bests: 2018-2019:

August 17: Birthday Bests: 2019-2020:

August 18: Birthday Bests: 2020-2021:

August 19-21: Birthday Bests: 2021-2022: Wrapping up the bday series with the newest addition, 45 fav posts from my 12th year of AmericanStudying!

August 22: Virginia Profs: Alan Feldstein: This year’s post-Cville series focused on inspiring UVA profs, kicking off with this historic figure and his equally inspiring wife.

August 23: Virginia Profs: Jalane Schmidt: The series continues with a contemporary prof who helps us think about UVA and Cville’s contested & crucial spaces and places.

August 24: Virginia Profs: John Edwin Mason: An amazingly Renaissance prof and person, as the series teaches on.

August 25: Virginia Profs: Grace Elizabeth Hale: The final two posts in the series focused on profs whose scholarly works & publications have inspired my own, starting with an interdisciplinary icon…

August 26: Virginia Profs: Caroline Rody: … and concluding with an English Studies scholar par excellance.

Fall Semester Previews start Monday,


PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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