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My New Book!
My New Book!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

August 23, 2022: Virginia Profs: Jalane Schmidt

[For this year’s annual Cville series, I wanted to highlight a handful of inspiring and impressive profs at my hometown school, the University of Virginia (beyond the UVA prof who will always come first in my heart). I’d love to hear about profs—teachers, advisors, mentors, colleagues, friends—you’d highlight in comments!]

I ended yesterday’s post noting that while the University of Virginia and Charlottesville alike have been far more consistently conservative and white supremacist than youthful Ben believed (or at least hoped), there have also long been activist individuals and communities in both settings who have modeled inspiring alternatives. I don’t think there’s any current UVA professor who does so more clearly and impressively than Dr. Jalane Schmidt. There’s a lot I could point to in support of that argument, but given everything that’s come to define Charlottesville over the last five years, I would particularly single out her awesome walking tours, co-led with her colleague Dr. Andrea Douglas. If Cville and UVA are anything (and they are many many things), they are literal and symbolic landscapes on which so much of American history, identity, and community are inscribed. Which makes having experts to help us read and analyze those landscapes a pretty crucial goal, and I don’t know any more expert such perspective than Schmidt’s.

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PS. Professors you’d add to the weekend post?

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