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Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 1-2, 2017: June 2017 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
June 5: The Pulitzers at 100: The Good Earth: A centennial series starts with the limits of an influential novel, and one way to move past them.
June 6: The Pulitzers at 100: All the King’s Men: The series continues with two of the things that make one of our most underrated novels so great.
June 7: The Pulitzers at 100: Angle of Repose: Two literary contexts for Wallace Stegner’s masterpiece, as the series rolls on.
June 8: The Pulitzers at 100: The Color Purple: What the film adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel didn’t include, and why it’s still a worthy complement to the book.
June 9: The Pulitzers at 100: Vietnamese American Stories: How last year’s winner complements but also complicates a prior winner.
June 10-11: The Pulitzers at 100: The Underground Railroad: The series concludes with anachronisms, genre blurring, and the most recent Pulitzer winner.
June 12: American Beaches: Revere Beach: A summer series begins with three stages in the history of an exemplary American beach.
June 13: American Beaches: The Inkwell: The series continues with three layers to one of our most historic beaches.
June 14: American Beaches: Gidget and the Beach Boys: 1960s pop culture images of the beach and what to make of them, as the series rolls on.
June 15: American Beaches: On the Beach: The intense and tragic film that couldn’t compete with historic fears.
June 16: American Beaches: Baywatch: The series concludes with why those beach bodies are also a body of evidence.
June 17-18: American Beaches: Jamie Hirami’s Guest Post on Venice Beach: A talented young AmericanStudier on one of our most unique and telling beaches.
June 19: Mysterious Beach Reads: Ross MacDonald: My annual Beach Reads series kicks off with the series sure to send summer chills down your spine.
June 20: Mysterious Beach Reads: Tony Hillerman: The series continues with the books that capture the mysteries and allure of the Southwest.
June 21: Mysterious Beach Reads: Jonathan Lethem and Tim O’Brien: Two ground-breaking novels that explore the mysteries of memory, as the series rolls on.
June 22: Mysterious Beach Reads: Attica Locke: The wonderful first two novels by a new favorite American author.
June 23: Mysterious Beach Reads: Tana French: The series concludes with two ways to AmericanStudy the talented Irish novelist.
June 24-25: Crowd-sourced Beach Reads: One of my favorite crowd-sourced posts of the year didn’t disappoint—add your nominations in comments!
June 26: The US and World War I: Entering the War: A WW1 centennial series starts with two reasons why US troops entered the war in 1917.
June 27: The US and World War I: The American Expeditionary Forces (AEF): The series continues with three contexts for the US soldiers who fought in the Great War.
June 28: The US and World War I: African American Soldiers: Two opposing yet connected ways to remember a community of veterans, as the series rolls on.
June 29: The US and World War I: Representing the War: Lessons from two compelling cultural representations of the war.
June 30: The US and World War I: The Palmer Raids: The series concludes with the governmental overreach that extended the worst of the war into its aftermath.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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