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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28-March 1, 2015: February 2015 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
February 2: American Conspiracy Theories: Roswell: A series AmericanStudying our crazy beliefs starts with historical and cultural contexts for alien invaders.
February 3: American Conspiracy Theories: JFK: The series continues with a couple arguments for why we have so many doubts about one particular assassination.
February 4: American Conspiracy Theories: Men on the Moon: Two compelling cultural engagements with a longstanding conspiracy community, as the series rolls on.
February 5: American Conspiracy Theories: Black Helicopters: How a 1990s conspiracy theory foreshadowed our 21st century world.
February 6: American Conspiracy Theories: 9/11 Truthers: The series concludes with how not to respond to a contemporary conspiracy theory, and how to do so.
February 7-8: Crowd-sourced Conspiracies: Fellow AmericanStudiers share their responses to the week’s posts and other conspiratorial connections—add yours in comments!
February 9: I Love Attica Locke’s Mysteries: A Valentine’s-inspired series starts with the compelling first two novels, and upcoming third, by a new writer I love.
February 10: I Love David Simon’s Perspective: The series continues with three of the many reasons why I love one of the great 21st century American artists and voices.
February 11: I Love American Historical Films: Five wonderful historical films that reflect all that the genre can do and be, as the series rolls on.
February 12: I Love Writing Book Reviews: How the reviews I’ve had the chance to write to date illustrate all that I can learn and take away from the experience each and every time.
February 13: I Love Magical Historic Sites: The series concludes with five examples of historical and cultural sites that immerse us in American history and identity.
February 14-15: I Love Being an Uncle: But wait, a special Valentine’s weekend post on the new familial role I’m excited to add to my list of loves.
February 16: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Breaking Bad: My annual series on things I don’t love as much as I should starts with a beloved recent TV show.
February 17: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Sinatra and Elvis: The series continues with two undeniably talented and influential artists, and why I don’t quite love either.
February 18: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Emerson and Thoreau: What I do love about two American titans, and what I don’t, as the series rolls on.
February 19: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Boxing: The American sport without which we can’t entirely understand history and race, and my objections to it.
February 20: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Low Five: The series concludes with five historical figures who get no love from this AmericanStudier.
February 21-22: Crowd-sourced Non-Favorites: A collective airing of grievances from fellow AmericanStudiers—you know you’ve got some complaints to add in comments!
February 23: Western Mass. Histories: The Blackstone River Valley: A series on a too-often overlooked Mass. region starts with a new National Historic Park.
February 24: Western Mass. Histories: The Celestials in North Adams: The series continues with a forgotten historical and cultural moment, and the novel that helps us remember it.
February 25: Western Mass. Histories: Mass MOCA: Three of the many reasons to visit an amazing Western Mass. museum, as the series rolls on.
February 26: Western Mass. Histories: The Bridge of Flowers: Three evocative, very American stages in the history of a unique landmark.
February 27: Western Mass. Histories: The Belle of Amherst: The series concludes with why we shouldn’t simply connect Emily Dickinson to her Western Mass. home, and how we can.
Next series starts Monday,

PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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