My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Monday, August 1, 2011

July 30-31, 2011: July Recap

[New post for today coming, well, later today, but for now I wanted to post the first version of a new feature for the blog, an end-of-month recap of the month’s posts [with hyperlinks]. I know that my titles aren’t always that overt, so hopefully this will help give you all a sense of what I’ve written about over the last month of posts.]
July 1: A Tale of Two Sixties: David Halberstam, Roger Ailes, and post-1960s journalism
July 2-4: The Fourth Dimension: My second book and definitions of American identity
July 5: The Genres of Abraham: Early 20th century Jewish American writer Abraham Cahan
July 6: Trial and Error: The jury trial system, the Constitution, and Casey Anthony
July 7 [Scholarly Review 1]: A Good Deal: Elizabeth’s Cohen’s Making a New Deal, a book about industrial workers in early 20th century Chicago
July 8: Deadly Personal (Repeat): In response to a controversial Texas execution, a re-post on the death penalty, Steve Earle, and Dead Man Walking
July 9-10 [Tribute Post 18]: Web Feat: The internet, teaching and scholarship, and my Dad Steve Railton’s great scholarly websites
July 11: The Okay American Novel: Proposed revised versions of Huck Finn and The Great Gatsby
July 12: What’s the Fantastic For?: George R.R. Martin, fantasy fiction, and America
July 13 [Scholarly Review 2]: Encyclopedic: Scholarly encyclopedias, especially the Gale Enc. of Multicultural America and the Encyclopedia of American Studies
July 14: Not a Fan: The US Women’s Soccer Team, sports fanaticism, and us vs. them mentalities
July 15: On the Other Hand: Michael Irvin on marriage equality, and the more inspiring side of sports
July 18: If You Like This Blog…: The New England American Studies Association’s upcoming (starts this week!) pre-conference blog
July 19: Be Like Ike: Complicated political histories, and what 21st century liberals and Americans can learn from President Eisenhower
July 20: That’s Rich: Growing wealth, and concurrent wealth inequalities, in America
July 21: Impoverished Arguments: My response to a controversial Heritage Foundation study on poverty in America
July 22 [Scholarly Review 3]: Caroline Rody: The great scholarly work of this University of Virginia professor
July 23-24 [Tribute Post 19]: Amy Winehouse: My tribute to the talented and troubled British singer, and a couple American connections
July 25: Crazy Talk: Norwegian terrorist Anders Brievik, terrorism, and talk radio
July 26: Fighting for America: Anti-muslim extremists, Muslim Americans, and Colin Powell
July 27: WWJD?: On the perils of quoting the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, and Muslim Americans
July 28: Advancing Through History: The South Central (LA) Tea Party and Me on the historical and contemporary roles of the NAACP
July 29 [Link-Tastic Post 1]: The Debt Ceiling: A collection of links about this issue and its contexts
Hope this helps! More soon,
PS. Any topics, issues, events, figures, texts, or etc. you’d like me to add to my August plans?

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