My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011: Virginia Is For Bloggers

Tomorrow we fly down to Virginia for a week with the parentals, about whom you’ve heard a good bit—and even from whom you’ve heard—in this space. To extend this weekend’s post, the trip will be a last hurrah of summer in all sorts of ways, and so I fully and happily expect to spend more time at the pool (for example) than blogging. I imagine you’ll all find ways to carry on for the week without quite as much AmericanStudies in your lives, although I’m sure it’ll be tough. But since I can’t quit you, fellow AmericanStudiers—hell, I don’t even wish I knew how to quit you—I’ll still be checking in more briefly (and most likely more informally) here, and wanted (as much to keep myself on track as for your no doubt insatiable curiosity) to pass along my planned schedule of posts:
Tuesday 8/23: Five Reasons Why Virginia is the Cradle of AmericanStudies
Wednesday 8/24: My Second Cotton Mather Piece for the “History Time” Column
Thursday 8/25: John Smith Was One Cocky Dude
Friday 8/26: Images of Pocahontas
Monday 8/29: Remembering George Mason
Tuesday 8/30: On Two Bellwether Virginia Senatorial Campaigns
Wednesday 8/31 (Back in New England): August Recap
That’s the plan! More tomorrow,
PS. What would you blog about your home state/province/town/place?

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