My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Friday, November 10, 2023

November 10, 2023: 13 Years (!) of AmericanStudying: #ScholarSunday Threads in 2020

[This week AmericanStudier celebrates its 13th anniversary! For this year’s anniversary series, I wanted to highlight a handful of key moments and pieces in my development as an online public scholar, leading up to a special weekend tribute to some key influences on that evolving career!]

I’ve written a good deal in different places about my Twitter #ScholarSunday threads, including in introducing this Google Doc thread of threads and in this 2022 year-end piece for the great Clio & the Contemporary site. But I haven’t talked too much here on the blog about these weekly Twitter threads (yes, I still call it Twitter and always will), which are now well past the 150 mark and mark (alongside yesterday’s subject, my Considering History columns) my longest-running online public scholarly commitment outside of the blog. And that’s what I want to stress about them here, as part of this series on key moments in my evolving online public scholarly career: that while I have long tried to support other public scholars (such as in my role as a Scholars Strategy Network Boston Chapter co-leader), creating these threads and becoming closely associated with them (as I believe I now have been, and happily so) has represented a significant step forward in my role not just as an individual online public scholar, but as a force for spreading that work overall. I’ve always intended this blog to be that too (hence my eternal emphasis on Guest Posts and Crowd-sourced Posts), but the blog will always also have a core individual component, while the threads are 1000% about the community and solidarity and collective work. I love that that’s become such a part of this stage of my evolving online public scholarly career, and here’s to the next baker’s dozen!

Special tribute post this weekend,


PS. What do you think? Online writing or work of yours I can highlight and share?

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