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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

October 29, 2022: October 2022 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

October 1-2: Kelly Marino’s Guest Post on The “American Queen”: “Sweetheart” Bracelets, Jewelry Trends, and the World Wars: Another great month of Guest Posts was kicked off with Kelly Marino on material culture, identity, and American history!

October 3: Bad Presidents: James Buchanan: For Rutherford B. Hayes’ birthday, a series on bad presidents kicks off with the bad one who helps us resist narratives of inevitability.

October 4: Bad Presidents: Rutherford B. Hayes: The series continues with the birthday boy and why the election of 1876 was just the tip of the badness iceberg.

October 5: Bad Presidents: William McKinley: Two reasons why I can’t entirely mourn our third assassinated president, as the series rolls on.

October 6: Bad Presidents: Calvin Coolidge: How a pre-presidency moment foreshadows the worst of a 1920s administration.

October 7: Bad Presidents: Gerald Ford: The series concludes with a presidential and legal decision that set a very bad precedent indeed.

October 8: Bad Presidents: Donald Trump: But you didn’t think I could AmericanStudy bad presidents without some thoughts on our most recent and most bad bad president yet, did you?

October 8-9: Anita Siraki’s Guest Post on Interview with the Vampire: Another great Guest Post, this time Anita Siraki on the new adaptation of Anne Rice’s vampire stories!

October 10: RunningStudying: Ragged Mountain Running: A series on running kicks off with a childhood influence who exemplifies the best of running and community.

October 11: RunningStudying: The Boston Marathon: The series continues with three layers to the story of the first (1897) Boston Marathon.

October 12: RunningStudying: Prefontaine on Film: A telling storytelling difference between the two late 90s Prefontaine films, as the series strides on.

October 13: RunningStudying: FloJo and JJK: Two interesting AmericanStudies contexts for a pair of interconnected all-time greats.

October 14: RunningStudying: Three Current Runners: The series concludes with AmericanStudies takeaways from three 21st century athletes.

October 15-16: RunningStudying: Aidan Railton’s Guest Post on Strava: Definitely my favorite Guest Post yet, Aidan Railton on what social media has meant to his running career!

October 17: HUAC Histories: Three Precursors: For the 75th anniversary of the first HUAC trials, a series on the controversial committee begins with three precursors to its work.

October 18: HUAC Histories: The Blacklist: The series continues with three stages to HUAC’s divisive and destructive attacks on cultural figures.

October 19: HUAC Histories: Chambers, White, and Hiss: Espionage, railroading, and the true complexity of historical nuance, as the series rolls on.

October 20: HUAC Histories: McCarthy and Mythic Patriotism: An excerpt from my most recent book that highlights the mythic patriotism of Joseph McCarthy.

October 21: HUAC Histories: The Final Years: The series concludes with a few telling histories to the committee’s often-forgotten final couple decades.

October 22-23: HUAC and McCarthyism in Pop Culture: A special weekend post on two novels and four films that represent different sides to these fraught histories.

October 24: PBS People: Fred Rogers: A series on PBS people for Bob Ross’ 80th birthday starts with why niceness and activism aren’t incompatible, and when niceness isn’t nearly enough.

October 25: PBS People: Jim Henson: The series continues with why it’s absolutely right, and not nearly enough, to connect the groundbreaking puppeteer to PBS.

October 26: PBS People: LeVar Burton: Why the host of an iconic PBS show was as important as the content, as the series educates on.

October 27: PBS People: NewsHour Hosts: AmericanStudies takeaways from two pairs of hosts for the long-running news program.

October 28: PBS People: Bob Ross: The series concludes with two influences on and one legacy of the artistic icon on his 80th birthday.

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