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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

May 29, 2021: May 2021 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

May 3: Mexican American Voices: Gloria Anzaldúa: A Cinco de Mayo series kicks off with what a stunning autoethnographer reveals about the US and us.

May 4: Mexican American Voices: Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton: The series continues with a handful of pieces that help us better remember an influential Mexican American author and story.

May 5: Mexican American Voices: José Enrique de la Peña: Takeaways from a controversial but apparently authentic Mexican American War memoir, as the series rolls on.

May 6: Mexican American Voices: Sandra Cisneros and Esperanza: Two childhood experiences that a classic YA short story cycle gets precisely right.

May 7: Mexican American Voices: Chavez y Huerta: The series concludes with the inspiring lives and legacies of an interconnected pair of labor leaders.

May 8-9: Victoria Scavo’s Guest Post on Gender Roles in Italian American Culture & Literature: The first of two awesome Guest Posts from King’s College students of my friend Robin Field (for the second, watch this space later today!).

May 10: Spring 2021 Moments: Jericho Brown and the Power of Poetry: A series reflecting on the most challenging semester of my life kicks off with an impromptu, powerful poetic discussion.

May 11: Spring 2021 Moments: Fruitvale and Blackish: The series continues with a planned discussion that exemplified why we do what we do, even in the toughest times.

May 12: Spring 2021 Moments: Gast’s American Progress: What my grad student educators helped me see in a classic American painting, as the series reflects on.

May 13: Spring 2021 Moments: Adult Learning Emails: One of the many reasons I’m so glad to be teaching in adult ed programs, this semester more than ever.

May 14: Spring 2021 Moments: Talking Of Thee I Sing: The series concludes with some of my ongoing book talks, and a request for more possibilities!

May 15-16: Crowd-sourced Spring 2021 Moments and Reflections: More reflections on this most challenging of semesters—add yours in comments, please!

May 17: Small Axe and America: New Orleans and Creolization: A series on one of my favorite recent cultural works kicks off with how NOLA helps us engage a foundational American identity.

May 18: Small Axe and America: Remembering Reggae: The series continues with the danger of cultural appropriation and how to remain more inclusive instead.

May 19: Small Axe and America: The Courts and Justice: The progressive potential of the court system and how critical race theory helps us understand it, as the series rolls on.

May 20: Small Axe and America: Police Reform: A telling question about the possibilities and limits of police reform, and why and how we need to keep asking it.

May 21: Small Axe and America: Caribbean American Artists: The series concludes with five Caribbean American artists I’d put in conversation with Steve McQueen.

May 22-23: Joe Moser’s Guest Post on Steve McQueen: A repeat of my colleague and friend Joe Moser’s Guest Post on McQueen’s first three films!

May 24: American Beaches: Revere Beach: A pre-Memorial Day weekend series kicks off with three telling stages in the history of America’s first public beach.

May 25: American Beaches: The Inkwell: The series continues with three layers to one of America’s most unique historic beaches.

May 26: American Beaches: Gidget and the Beach Boys: AmericanStudying the 1960s surfing craze, as the series bbqs on.

May 27: American Beaches: On the Beach: An intense and tragic film that couldn’t compete with historic fears.

May 28: American Beaches: Jamie Hirami’s Guest Post on Venice Beach: The series concludes with one more repeat Guest Post, AMST PhD student Jamie Hirami on LA’s Venice Beach!

New Guest Post later today,


PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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