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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

August 29-30, 2020: August 2020 Recap


[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

August 3: Military Massacres: Wounded Knee: For the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, a massacre series starts with three attempts to raise awareness of a horrific event.

August 4: Military Massacres: The Pullman Strike: The series continues with how 1890s anti-labor violence parallels Wounded Knee, and a key difference.

August 5: Military Massacres: Balangiga: Why it matters how we refer to a 1901 event, and how to get beyond that question in any case.

August 6: Military Massacres: Hiroshima: On that 75th anniversary, an unanswerable question and a vital reframing.

August 7: Military Massacres: My Lai: The series concludes with three complex, flawed, and powerful engagements with one of our more recent military massacres.

August 8: Birthday Bests: 2010-2011: The annual birthday series of blog highlights!

August 9: Birthday Bests: 2011-2012

August 10: Birthday Bests: 2012-2013

August 11: Birthday Bests: 2013-2014

August 12: Birthday Bests: 2014-2015

August 13: Birthday Bests: 2015-2016

August 14: Birthday Bests: 2016-2017

August 15: Birthday Bests: 2017-2018

August 16: Birthday Bests: 2018-2019

August 17: Birthday Bests: 2019-2020: And the newest addition to the series, 43 favorite posts from the past (10th!) year on the blog.

August 18: Virginia Histories: Bacon’s Rebellion: My annual Cville/Virginia series begins with myths and realities of a famous 17th century uprising.

August 19: Virginia Histories: Mr. Jefferson’s University: The series continues with the instructive early struggles of an educational pioneer.

August 20: Virginia Histories: Loving v. Virginia: Two under-remembered contexts for the ground-breaking Supreme Court decision and what they add to the conversation.

August 21: Virginia Histories: The Virginia Tech Shooting: The series concludes with two ways in which AmericanStudies can provide contexts for a devastating recent tragedy.

August 22-23: Charlottesville in 2020: A special weekend post on where my hometown stands in 2020, from statue debates to inspiring activists.

August 24: Katrina at 15: Nature or Nurture?: For Katrina’s 15th anniversary, a series kicks off with two distinct ways to frame a disaster, and what our current crisis helps us understand.

August 25: Katrina at 15: The Aftermaths: The series continues with what we still don’t talk about enough from it comes to Katrina’s aftermaths, and what we really don’t talk about at all.

August 26: Katrina at 15: Treme: Five telling characters from my favorite TV show, as the series rolls on.

August 27: Katrina at 15: Three Hurricanes: How three other historic storms help us contextualize and understand Katrina.

August 28: Katrina at 15: New Orleans and America: The series concludes on a optimistic note, why I’d call New Orleans the most American of our major cities.

Fall preview series starts Monday,


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