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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

December 28-29, 2019: December 2019 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
December 2: AmendmentStudying: “Summertime Blues” and the 26th Amendment: For the anniversary of the 13th Amendment’s ratification, a series kicks off with how a classic song connects to a generation-changing amendment.
December 3: AmendmentStudying: Santa Clara County and the 14th Amendment: The series continues with the offhand sentences through which the Court revised an amendment and the nation’s ideas.
December 4: AmendmentStudying: The 19th Amendment and the ERA: How the long road to the suffrage amendment might parallel a current political journey, as the series rolls on.
December 5: AmendmentStudying: Washington, DC and the 23rd Amendment: How the 1961 amendment echoes the capital city’s complex history, and how it helped shift it.
December 6: AmendmentStudying: On Not Taking the 13th Amendment for Granted: On the anniversary of its ratification, why we shouldn’t take the imperfect but inspiring 13th Amendment for granted.
December 7-8: Future Constitutional Amendments?: The series concludes with three ways that the Constitution might (and to my mind should) be amended in coming years.
December 9: 50s Musical Icons: Cross-Cultural Origins: A series on 50s rock and popular music kicks off with the cross-cultural origin points for those genres.
December 10: 50s Musical Icons: Fats Domino: On the anniversary of his recording “The Fat Man,” the series continues with a few iconic moments in Fats Domino’s legendary career.
December 11: 50s Musical Icons: Patti Page: Three signatures songs from the 50s top-charting female musical artist, as the series rocks on.
December 12: 50s Musical Icons: Sinatra and Elvis: The differences between influential and interesting, and why even the former can be problematic.
December 13: 50s Musical Icons: “American Pie”: The series concludes with the straightforward and subtler sides to a eulogy for 50s music.
December 14-15: Crowd-sourced Musical Icons: My latest crowd-sourced post—add your thoughts on 50s music in the comments, please!
December 16: Book Talk Recaps: Temple Graduate English Program: A series recapping some of my sabbatical book talks kicks off with three awesome audience cohorts from my return to Temple.
December 17: Book Talk Recaps: Two Public Scholarly Conversations: The series continues with inspiring takeaways from two communal events at which I was fortunate enough to share my ideas.
December 18: Book Talk Recaps: Student Responses at Four NY Colleges: Exemplary student voices from my whirlwind tour of four NY colleges, as the series rolls on.
December 19: Book Talk Recaps: Scuppernong Books: Three great elements, two expected and one delightfully surprising, from my most recent bookstore talk.
December 20: Book Talk Recaps: The Boston Athenaeum: The series concludes with three reasons why my last book talk of 2019 was a perfect way to end (for now!).
December 21-22: What’s Next for We the People: Three ways I’m excited to extend the book talks and work into the new year, all of which could use your input!
December 23: Wishes for the AmericanStudies Elves: Remember William Apess: My annual holiday series kicks off with two reasons to better remember a fiery Native American preacher.
December 24: Wishes for the AmericanStudies Elves: Remember Yuri Kochiyama: The series continues with a few reasons to better remember the Japanese American activist.
December 25: Wishes for the AmericanStudies Elves: Remember Dorothy Day: Why we should better remember the reformer who embodies the true meaning of Christmas, as the series rolls on.
December 26: Wishes for the AmericanStudies Elves: Remember Gloria Anzaldúa: What better remember the challenging autoethnographer reveals about American community and identity.
December 27: Wishes for the AmericanStudies Elves: Remember Abraham Cahan: The series concludes with the advice a prolific journalist and author might offer us all.
Year in Review series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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