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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 27-28, 2019: April 2019 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
April 1: 80s Comedies: Airplane: An April Fool’s series kicks off with what makes a successful parody, and what makes a truly great one.
April 2: 80s Comedies: Ghostbusters: The series continues with two ways to analyze science and the supernatural in the classic scary comedy.
April 3: 80s Comedies: Back to the Future: What the time travel comedy gets wrong and what it gets rights, as the series laughs on.
April 4: 80s Comedies: Home Alone: The interesting, American layers underneath one of our silliest holiday comedies.
April 5: 80s Comedies: Working Girl: The series concludes with the inspiring and frustrating female characters of a socially thoughtful dramedy.
April 6-7: Crowd-sourced 80s Comedies: My latest crowd-sourced post, featuring the responses and nominations of fellow ComedyStudiers—add yours in comments, please!
April 8: StatueStudying: The Statue of Liberty: A StatueStudying series kicks off with gaps in our memories of an iconic American statue.
April 9: StatueStudying: Saddam: The series continues with an anniversary post on the value of recognizing US hypocrisies and the need to get beyond them.
April 10: StatueStudying: The Shaw Memorial: A historically, culturally, and symbolically crucial statue and monument, as the series rolls on.
April 11: StatueStudying: Christ of the Ozarks: A few illuminating contexts for a ginormous Christian statue.
April 12: StatueStudying: The Spirit of Detroit and the Cleveland War Memorial Fountain: The inspiring messages and missing histories of two linked Midwestern statues.
April 13-14: StatueStudying: Charlottesville Statues and Memorials: The series concludes with two distinct spaces in which Cville seeks to remember, and one hope moving forward.
April 15: Patriots’ Day: My annual Patriots’ Day post, on Martin’s Game of Thrones and the easy and hard forms of patriotism.
April 16: Patriots’ Day Texts: “This Land”: A series on critically patriotic texts kicks off with three layers to Gary Clark Jr.’s raw and compelling song and video.
April 17: Patriots’ Day Texts: “Let America Be America Again”: The series continues with how Langston Hughes’s fiery poems helps us challenge a superficially patriotic slogan.
April 18: Patriots’ Day Texts: “The Land of the Free”: Two critically patriotic texts that together produce one of our best recent cultural works, as the series rolls on.
April 19: Patriots’ Day Texts: The Rise of David Levinsky: The series concludes with a fascinating text that explores, extols, and explodes the rags to riches narrative.
April 20-21: Patriots’ Day Texts: We the People: A special weekend update on my forthcoming book!
April 22: Earth Day Studying: Animated Activisms: An Earth Day series kicks off with three examples of the link between animation and the environment.
April 23: Earth Day Studying: Climate Change Voices: The series continues with how a few inspiring historical voices would suggest we respond to our current crisis.
April 24: Earth Day Studying: Henry David Thoreau: Three ways to honor Thoreau and celebrate Earth Day, as the series rolls on.
April 25: Earth Day Studying: Edward Abbey: How the author and environmentalist reflects three distinct and even contrasting forms of activism.
April 26: Earth Day Studying: Contemporary Works: The series concludes with three recent books that carry environmental writing into the 21st century.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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