My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

December 15-16, 2018: Spring 2019 Preview

[The final papers are coming in and the blue books have entered the building, so it must be the end of another semester. This week I’ve recapped some inspiring moments from my Fall 2018 semester, leading up to this preview of my Spring semester!]
Four things I’m looking forward to in my Spring 2019 semester.
1)      A New Class: Among more familiar favorites like my Ethnic American Literature course, this spring I’ll have the chance to teach a course I haven’t taught before: 20th Century African American Literature, the second half of the survey for which I taught the first half (19th Century, duh) last spring. For this one, rather than the anthology/different short reading each day structure I used in 19th Century, I’ll be centering the course around a core group of texts: The Marrow of Tradition, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Invisible Man, Mumbo Jumbo, Beloved, and The Underground Railroad. I’ll also try to work in shorter (especially poetic) readings alongside those main texts, though. I’d love any suggestions of any kind for this class, and will keep you updated of course!
2)      NeMLA’s 50th: In late March I’ll be in DC for NeMLA’s 50th anniversary convention. I’ve written in this space a great deal about both that particular convention and my overall continued arc with this wonderful organization, and here will just add that a convention in Washington should allow (well, force) us to consider all the ways that a scholarly community and organization must engage with the political, social, cultural, national, and global worlds around us. The more voices that are part of such conversations the better, so let me know your thoughts and I will keep you updated of course!
3)      NEASA at FSU: Other than as a brief mention in this Fall Preview post, I haven’t said much in this space about my second time around as New England ASA President. In many ways I see my role as to help bridge between the organization’s past and the youngest folks who will be taking over the leadership positions soon, but I do have one definite plan for my second presidency: hosting our (now) spring conference here at Fitchburg State. There’s a lot still to develop and coordinate, but I know it will be Saturday June 8th, and will focus on the broad topic of Representations. I’ll share the CFP in this space when it’s ready, as I’d love for you all to join us at NEASA 2019—so I’ll keep you updated of course!
4)      Book book book: I’ve already shared the good news about my book contract a couple times in this space, so here I’ll just reiterate my #1 scholarly goal for 2019: to talk about the book and the battle over who is an American in as many spaces and conversations as possible. I’d love to hear any suggestions and ideas for places, spaces, communities, and conversations in which I could share the histories, stories, and ideas at the heart of We the People: The 500-Year Battle Over Who is an American. Thanks in advance!
Next series starts Monday,
PS. What do you think? Semester reflections or Spring previews you’d share?

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