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My New Book!
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Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2-3, 2018: May 2018 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
April 30: Haymarket Histories: An American Revolution?: A series on the Haymarket Affair’s anniversary starts with whether we can consider the Labor Movement a 19th century revolution.
May 1: Haymarket Histories: The May Day Strike: The series continues with a motivation, a debate, and an effect of one of the earliest nationwide strikes.
May 2: Haymarket Histories: Historical Ambiguities: What we’ll never know about Haymarket and what we can say anyway, as the series rolls on.
May 3: Haymarket Histories: The Trial: Two frustrating failures of and one inspiring moment from a farcical show trial.
May 4: Haymarket Histories: Remembering Haymarket: The series concludes with two existing ways to better remember Haymarket, and one I’d love to see.
May 5-6: Scholarly Tribute: Erik Loomis: A special weekend tribute post, on three ways to read the vital voice of one of our best labor historians.
May 7: Hap & Leonard Studying: ‘60s Legacies: A series on the wonderful SundanceTV show starts with three layers to its portrayal of ‘60s legacies in its ‘80s setting.
May 8: Hap & Leonard Studying: Redefining Lynching: The series continues with two important historical layers to the show’s amazing second season.
May 9: Hap & Leonard Studying: Crime and Punishment: Some of the show’s wonderful supporting characters from within the world of the justice system, as the series rolls on.
May 10: Hap & Leonard Studying: The Devil Went Down to Texas: A mythic and a very real context for the season three frame.
May 11: Hap & Leonard Studying: Interracial Friendship: The series concludes with adding the title characters to a fun and important list.
May 12-13: A Tribute to Michael K. Williams: A special weekend tribute to three stages in the evolution of one of our best actors.
May 14: Spring Semester Recaps: 19th Century African American Literature: A Spring semester reflection series starts with three texts I had never had the chance to read until I taught them in this course.
May 15: Spring Semester Recaps: American Literature I: The series continues with the long-overdue, vital step of including Yung Wing in my Am Lit I course.
May 16: Spring Semester Recaps: English Studies Capstone: Two education-focused texts I’ve used in Capstone and my search for a new one, as the series rolls on.
May 17: Spring Semester Recaps: American Literature II Online: Three texts that worked surprisingly well in my first online American Lit survey course.
May 18: Spring Semester Recaps: My Saturday Evening Post Gig: The series concludes with two things I’ve learned from my first few months at a new online writing gig.
May 19-20: Summer and Fall Previews: A special weekend post on three courses I’m looking forward to teaching in the semesters to come!
May 21: Irene Martyniuk’s Guest Post on Clara Barton: A series on the American Red Cross’s anniversary starts with my colleague’s Guest Post on its founder.
May 22: Nursing Histories: Molly Pitcher: The series continues with the myths and histories of an iconic war hero.
May 23: Nursing Histories: Walt Whitman: Three texts through which Whitman wrote about his experiences as a Civil War nurse, as the series rolls on.
May 24: Nursing Histories: WWI Nurses: How nurses can help us push beyond our understandable but simplistic images of wartime military service.
May 25: Nursing Histories: Medal of Honor Medics: The series concludes with three of the fifteen medics who received the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War.
May 26-27: PBS Documentary on the Chinese Exclusion Act: A special post highlighting both a vital new film and my Saturday Evening Post piece inspired by it.
May 28: BlockbusterStudying: The Fast and the Furious Series: A Memorial Day movie series starts with two ways to AmericanStudy the surprisingly popular franchise.
May 29: BlockbusterStudying: The Last Jedi: The series continues with the thoughtful questions behind a controversial character arc, and why they’re so vital.
May 30: BlockbusterStudying: Wonder Woman: The historical activist women who would appreciate a wondrous one, as the series rolls on.
May 31: BlockbusterStudying: Coco: The animated film that’s at least as culturally and historically significant as Black Panther.
June 1: BlockbusterStudying: Get Out: The series concludes with three of the many horror and genre film contexts for Jordan Peele’s blockbuster.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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