My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 9-10, 2017: Fall 2017 Previews: Conferences and Communities

[As the Fall semester of my 13th year at Fitchburg State commences, a series previewing some of my courses and other plans for the fall. I’d love to hear about your fall classes and plans in comments!]
Two unfolding communal events I’m looking forward to—and room for one more!
1)      NeMLA 2018: The 2018 Northeast MLA (NeMLA) Convention will be held in mid-April in Pittsburgh, with current President Maria DiFrancesco and continuing (and amazing) Executive Director Carine Mardorossian presiding. As always, it promises to be a wonderful event, with new initiatives like “NeMLA Reads Together” coupled with all that has made NeMLA a favorite community of mine for many years now. Your best chance to join us in Pittsburgh will be by submitting an abstract to one of the many compelling sessions, panels, and roundtables that’ll be featured there—so take a look at the CFP, submit an abstract or two (you can be on both a panel and a roundtable), and I’ll hope to see you in the Steel City in April!
2)      SSN Boston: Other than the early August legislative event (which unfortunately didn’t end up taking place), everything I highlighted in that hyperlinked post on upcoming opportunities and connections through the Scholars Strategy Network’s Boston chapter remains true and well worth your time. Not a day goes by that I’m not reminded of both the need for publicly engaged scholars and teachers, and the benefit of being surrounded by a community of peers and colleagues as we do that vital work. SSN offers all of that, but it could be much wider and deeper of a community still, and that depends both on your own engagement with it and your recruiting of other folks. So once again I’ll ask you to consider joining SSN in one way or another, and to spread the word to anyone and everyone who might be interested as well. And feel free to email me with any questions or thoughts!
3)      This Space for Rent: I bet you’ve got organizational and communal events and opportunities you’d like to highlight and share—and I’d love to learn about them and help spread the word here. So please feel free to highlight them in comments, or again email me and I’ll do so. Let’s make it as communal and successful a fall as possible!
Next series starts Monday,
PS. You know what to do! And any other fall courses or plans you’d highlight?

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