My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Friday, September 8, 2017

September 8, 2017: Fall 2017 Previews: Contemporary Short Stories for ALFA—Your Input Needed!

[As the Fall semester of my 13th year at Fitchburg State commences, a series previewing some of my courses and other plans for the fall. I’d love to hear about your fall classes and plans in comments!]
I’m gonna keep this post brief and focused: for my next Adult Learning in the Fitchburg Area (ALFA) class, we’ll be reading and discussing 9-10 short stories (two per week for the final four weeks, and either one or two the first week depending on length as we’ll be reading them together) from the Best American Short Stories 2016 anthology. That hyperlink includes the table of contents, and so I’m asking for your help: there are twenty authors and stories in the anthology, at least twice as many as we’ll have room for in this class. Of course I have some first thoughts of my own, but I would be even more interested to hear thoughts of yours. Do you know any of these particular stories? Do you have strong takes on any of their authors? Please feel free to add your ideas in comments, or email them to me if you prefer. Help make this ALFA course as compelling and meaningful as possible! And look for a recap in this space in December, as ever!
Last previews tomorrow,
PS. Nominations for this class? Other fall courses or plans you’d highlight?

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