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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29-30, 2014: March 2014 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

March 3: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Scorcese Films: A series analyzing things of which I’m not a fan starts with the acclaimed filmmaker.
March 4: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Morrison and Cobain: The series continues with two artists I find talented and interesting but not ultimately inspiring.
March 5: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: The Beats: A couple of the ways I would push back on our idolization of the counter-cultural community, as the series rolls on.
March 6: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Teddy Roosevelt: Not an objection to TR himself, so much as to the ways we collectively over-remember and –emphasize presidents.
March 7: AmericanStudying Non-Favorites: Thomas Jefferson?!: The series concludes with a couple important ways to revise our memories of my hometown’s hero.
March 8-9: Crowd-Sourced Non-Favorites: An epic airing of grievances, as well as responses to the week’s posts, rounds out the non-favorites series.
March 10: AmericanStudying House of Cards: Peter and Zoe: A series on Season 1 of the compelling show starts with the American narratives behind two distinct character arcs.
March 11: AmericanStudying House of Cards: Linda and Gillian: The series continues with the show’s two most prominent ethnic women.
March 12: AmericanStudying House of Cards: Doug and Freddy: The stereotypical but interesting identities of the protagonist’s most trusted supporters, as the series rolls on.
March 13: AmericanStudying House of Cards: Claire: Two of the many ways we might read Robin Wright’s ambiguous and riveting character.
March 14: AmericanStudying House of Cards: Frank: The series concludes with an examination of the show’s compelling anti-hero protagonist.
March 15-16: Anna Mae Duane on House of Cards: To follow up my own thoughts, one of our best American Studies scholars on the show and its protagonist.
March 17: Cville Stories: Ash Lawn-Highland: A series on stories in my Virginia hometown starts with the oft-forgotten historic home.
March 18: Cville Stories: Race at the Pool: The series continues with the more subtle and perhaps more significant sides to segregation.
March 19: Cville Stories: Faulkner at the University: On the dangers and benefits of listening to authors talk about their work, as the series rolls on.
March 20: Cville Stories: Dave Matthews: The many Cville and 21st century American sides to the musician who got his start in town.
March 21: Cville Stories: 21st Century Tensions: The series concludes with some personal thoughts on contemporary narratives of the town and the past.
March 22-23: The Virginia Festival of the Book: A special post on three things I’m particularly excited about when it comes to the reason for my current return to Cville—and a follow up after my event!
March 24: Caribbean Connections: Edouard Glissant: A series on Caribbean American links starts with the brilliant theorist who best analyzed those connections.
March 25: Caribbean Connections: The Haitian Revolution: The series continues with American connections to the region’s most important revolution.
March 26: Caribbean Connections: José Martí: The cross-cultural experiences, identities, and meanings of the legendary Cuban figure, as the series rolls on.
March 27: Caribbean Connections: Bob Marley: On whether an artist can really cross cultural boundaries, and why such crossings matter in any case.
March 28: Caribbean Connections: Edwidge Danticat: The series concludes with five great books by the hugely talented Haitian American writer.
Next series starts Monday,
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