My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1-2, 2014: January 2014 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

December 30: 2013 in Review: The Marathon Bombing: A series on 2013 stories I didn’t cover on the blog starts with the year’s biggest and darkest Boston event.
December 31: 2013 in Review: Nelson Mandela: The series continues with ways to AmericanStudy the iconic 20th century leader.
January 1: 2013 in Review: The Pope: Three American connections for the radical new pontiff, as the series rolls on.
January 2: 2013 in Review: Iran: The challenges and importance of remembering the complex, interconnected histories of the US and our most prominent current adversary.
January 3: 2013 in Review: Aaron Hernandez: The series concludes with the histories and perils of our national love affair with gangsters.
January 4-5: Ani DiFranco and Slavery: A special addition to the series, in response to a very recent event and controversy.
January 6: San Fran Sites: Angel Island: A series on Bay Area places and stories starts with the value of seeing a complex American site in person.
January 7: San Fran Sites: Palace of Fine Arts: The series continues with the deeply strange and yet also inspiring artistic site.
January 8: San Fran Sites: Alcatraz: Why it’s not so great to turn a prison into a tourist site, and why it might be okay, as the series rolls on.
January 9: San Fran Sites: Muir Woods: The arguments for experiencing a natural wonder in solitude, and why it’s fitting to do so more communally as well.
January 10: San Fran Sites: Remembering Chinatown:  The series concludes with some thoughts on the past, the present, and a way to bridge the gap.
January 11-12: Ben Mangrum’s Guest Post: A special Guest Post from one of the founding editors of the great new Ethos Review site.
January 13: Spring 2014 Previews: A Fantastic Intro: A series on what I’m looking forward to this semester starts with the life skills my Intro to Sci Fi/Fantasy course helps teach.
January 14: Spring 2014 Previews: Novel Perspectives: The series continues with the narrators we like and those we don’t in my Post-1950 American Novel course.
January 15: Spring 2014 Previews: A New Awakening: The most persistent challenge I face in my teaching and how I revised my Am Lit II syllabus in response, as the series rolls on.
January 16: Spring 2014 Previews: Writing Our World: What I’m comfortable with for my new Writing II class, and what I really need your help with!
January 17: Spring 2014 Previews: The Book Talks Resume: The series concludes with three upcoming book talks that will take me to new places, literally and philosophically.
January 18-19: Crowd-sourced Spring Previews: Responses to the week’s posts and some of what my fellow AmericanStudiers are looking forward to this spring—add your previews in comments!
January 20: The Real King: My annual MLK Day post kicks off a series on engaging with the complex histories behind the Civil Rights Movement.
January 21: Civil Rights Histories: Rosa Parks: The series continues with the good, better, and best ways to remember an iconic figure and moment.
January 22: Civil Rights Histories: Murders in Mississippi: Two cultural representations of a tragic event, and what each leaves out, as the series rolls on.
January 23: Civil Rights Histories: George Wallace: Why we can’t remember a lifetime through its worst moments, but why we do have to focus on them nonetheless.
January 24: Civil Rights Histories: Yuri Kochiyama: The series concludes with the inspiring American life that pushes way past racial binaries and ethnic categorizations.
January 25-26: Crowd-sourced Civil Rights: Another crowd-sourced post, this one drawn from the civil rights responses and connections of fellow AmericanStudiers.
January 27: Football Focalizes: Concussions and Hypocrisy: A Super Bowl-inspired series starts with the hypocrisy at the heart of 21st century football fandom.
January 28: Football Focalizes: Racism and Forgiveness: The series continues with the controversial story that’s partly inspiring, and partly not so much.
January 29: Football Focalizes: Rape and Recognition: Questions that we’ll never entirely answer, and why it’s vital to ask them nevertheless, as the series rolls on.
January 30: Football Focalizes: RGIII and Winning: On winning and losing, success and failure, and iconic American figures and narratives.
January 31: Football Focalizes: The Bigger Question: The series concludes with a bigger question about the role of football and sports in 21st century America.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics or themes you’d like to see covered in future series? Guest Posts you’d like to write? Lemme know!

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