My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 28-29, 2013: December 2013 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

December 2: Harrisburg Histories: The Veterans Parade: A series on Pennsylvania’s capitol city begins with the post-Civil War event that represents a low and a high in our histories.
December 3: Harrisburg Histories: Preserving Front Street: The series continues with the beauties and the limitations of maintaining an architectural legacy.
December 4: Harrisburg Histories: The Capitol Building: The lavish building that embodies a city’s contradictions, and what to do about it, as the series rolls on.
December 5: Harrisburg Histories: Communal Activism, Then and Now: One of the best parts of a city’s history, and its echo in a contemporary moment.
December 6: Harrisburg Histories: Whither American Cities?: The series concludes with some thoughts on the biggest questions about our cities.
December 7-8: Remembering Pearl Harbor: In honor of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, a post on how we remember such infamous days.
December 9: Semester Recaps: Du Bois: A series on fall 2014 recaps starts with my special author course on W.E.B. Du Bois.
December 10: Semester Recaps: Early American Lit: The series continues with a pairing that exemplifies the best of what an American Lit survey can do.
December 11: Semester Recaps: Short Stories, Then and Now: Some of the interesting 19th and 21st century pairings in my adult learning class, as the series continues.
December 12: Semester Recaps: Approaching Theory: On what literary theory doesn’t do very well, and what it does, as reinforced by my intro to theory course.
December 13: Semester Recaps: Historical Fiction: The series concludes with three works from my favorite grad class, and what they can help us remember.
December 14-15: Semester Recaps: Book Talks: A special post following up my most recent book talks, and thinking about what the semester of talks has meant.
December 16: Representing Slavery: Uncle Remus: A series inspired by the film 12 Years a Slave starts with one of the foundational post-bellum representations of slavery.
December 17: Representing Slavery: Hattie McDaniel: The series continues with the power, limits, and possibilities of performance.
December 18: Representing Slavery: The Middle Passage: Three different ways to represent one of the most horrific American histories, as the series rolls on.
December 19: Representing Slavery: Django: Anachronism, accuracy, and what we owe to the past.
December 20: Representing Slavery: 12 Years a Slave: The series concludes with a couple takes on the opening moments of a wonderful recent film.
December 21-22: Representing Slavery: Joe Moser’s Guest Post: But it’s not done yet—a special guest post on 12 Years and its director!
December 23: AmericanStudies Wishes: A Site for the CEM: My annual holiday wishlist kicks off with the historic site I’d love to help make happen.
December 24: AmericanStudies Wishes: Reform Now!: The wishes continues with the very American reasons why we need immigration reform.
December 25: AmericanStudies Wishes: Peace on Earth: A recent controversy, a neverending story, and a Christmas wish.
December 26: AmericanStudies Wishes: My Favorite Writer: My wishes for a writer you should definitely check out in the new year.
December 27: AmericanStudies Wishes: A Great Next Step: The wishlist concludes with my hopes for th next stage in an inspiring American life.
New Year’s series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see on the blog next month or in the new year? Guest posts you’d like to write? Lemme know!

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