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My New Book!
My New Book!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012: May 2012 Recap

[A break in the Memorial Day-inspired series to recap the month that was in American Studier. Couple more days in the series, so keep the suggestions coming please!]
May 1: Great Historical Fiction, Part 1: A series on great American historical novels starts with Gore Vidal’s Burr.
May 2: Great Historical Fiction, Part 2: The series continues with Octavia Butler’s Kindred.
May 3: Great Historical Fiction, Part 3: Next up is Russell Banks’ Cloudsplitter.
May 4: Great Historical Fiction, Part 4: James Michener’s classic Hawaii carries the baton forward.
May 5-6: Great Historical Fiction, Part 5: Five more great recent novels, from Doctorow to Eugenides, round out the series.
May 7: American Studies Insights, Part One: A series on insights provided by this semester’s classes starts with Kate Chopin, Willa Cather, and narration.
May 8: American Studies Insights, Part Two: The series continues with a thought on lost parents and identity in postmodern American literature.
May 9: American Studies Insights, Part Three: A new perspective on Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” as the insights roll on.
May 10: Maurice Sendak: Taking a break from the series to remember and celebrate one of America’s most unique and influential artists.
May 11: American Studies Insights, Part Four: An optimistic insight on gay marriage, thanks to my students and their generation, ends the series.
May 12-13: The Mother of All Stories: A Mother’s Day special on the challenges of motherhood and one of my favorite American texts.
May 14: NEASA Colloquium Highlights, Part One: First in a series following up a great event on public sites and memory; this post is on Boston’s Old State House.
May 15: NEASA Colloquium Highlights, Part Two: Next in the series, on public sites and memory in Salem (MA).
May 16: NEASA Colloquium Highlights, Part Three: Public statues and sculptures in Salem as the series continues.
May 17: NEASA Colloquium Highlights, Part Four: A musical interlude (and history) keeps the series going.
May 18: NEASA Colloquium Highlights, Part Five: A compelling new reading of Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown.”
May 19-20: NEASA Colloquium Highlights, Part Six: The series concludes with some further questions about Salem and public sites and spaces—including one for you!
May 21-25: Nominees Needed for a National Big Read: A weeklong series asks for your nominees for one book all Americans could read at the same time—and I’m still taking suggestions!
May 26-27: Memory and Memorials: A Memorial Day weekend special, on remembering Memorial Day in all its complex historical depth and meaning.
May 28: Remembering Joshua Chamberlain: The Memorial Day series continues with a post on my favorite American soldier and wartime moment.
May 29: Remembering Pat Tillman: Trying to remember the complexities and contradictions behind one of our most famous contemporary soldiers.
May 30: Remembering Danny Chen: Remembering the tragic and important story and history behind another prominent 21st century soldier.
The Memorial Day series resumes tomorrow!
PS. Any topics or focal points you’d like to see in this space?
5/31 Memory Day nominees: A tie between two defining American artists who likely need no introduction, Walt Whitman and Clint Eastwood.

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